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Jun. 26th, 2017 09:44 am
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The Good:

* Found my passport! \o/ See, the new requirements are for presenting a birth certificate or passport when applying to get your driver's license switched over from one state to another. Well, guess who couldn't find either after moving? But I dug around this weekend and found my passport, so now I can get my license changed over, just in time to change over my car license plate before my tags expire.

* House inspection tomorrow at the new place! I'm excited. And then I'll go to the DMV afterwards and get that all sorted out with the car and license.

* Re-potted the roses this weekend, and got containers and dirt to re-pot the pepper plants and sword lilies who have seriously outgrown their current planters.

* Finally got the electric smoker, which was a house warming gift from my dragon's family (gift card, needed my boss to borrow his truck to go get it since it didn't fit in my car). We smoked tilapia and cod with a ginger sesame glaze on it and cherry wood chips, and omg, the cod is to die for and even the tilapia is tasty! (We both hate tilapia, it's tasteless and blah. Smoking it actually gave it flavor!) This is going to become a Thing to do, and hey, we can eat lots of tasty healthy and cheap fish this summer.

The Bad:

* Did shit all else productive this weekend. Didn't draw, didn't write, didn't finish the gardening, played entirely too much WoW and Minecraft (in my defense we leveled two characters from 45 to 52 via the midsummer festival in wow, which is time intensive but low key and gets us past most of the horrible hump from mid 40's to when things get fun again), didn't eat on any kind of schedule, and basically fell into the weekend inertia of "all plans fall apart".

I am somewhere between annoyed at myself for the usual "lack of discipline and willpower" that my brain likes to fault me for and annoyed at the world in general for failing to thus far provide any sort of scheduling or reminder life-hack/app/system that doesn't more or less immediately totally fail for me as it becomes more trouble to use it than it is to try to freely remember to do the things on my own.

I am also equally annoyed and frustrated that scheduling/reminder systems fail to stick for me and then ALSO give me the double whammy of "you are terrible and bad for not doing this thing" versus "this thing is a full time fucking JOB and it's my weekend and I will literally never have down time ever if I follow this schedule" (where "schedule" is things like "eat three meals" and "make a little time to clean up your cluttered junk" and "make time to push yourself into the higher level things you want to do like draw and write instead of settling on the lowest level inertia of gaming"). *throws up hands* I just... I don't know how to do this. I don't know how to reliably make the most out of my day but still balance SOME time for mindless fun things. I always do all or nothing - either I clean and run all the errands and DO ALL THE THINGS until I fall over (which usually happens once every three months or so) or I do nothing at all. I'm really fucking terrible at this "schedule things in small chunks and then do it reliably" shit.

But I need to figure it out or else shit never really gets done and inertia takes over and then I fail at all the things I want to do and let people down and annoy myself and everyone around me. This is very frustrating and I don't have any good answer for it yet.

yet another exchange letter! \o/

Jun. 24th, 2017 11:35 am
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[community profile] rarepairfest letter for [archiveofourown.org profile] laylah!

My theme for so much of this exchange is "oh my god I just wish this existed why isn't it out there???" so I would really be just delighted to see what you come up with for all these tiny underloved pairings. Thank you so much for offering one of them, by the way. Please treat my prompts as suggestions, not as requirements; if there's a story you're dying to tell about one of these pairings, I will read anything that skips my DNWs, so go for it.

General Yes Please: porn & kink (see my smutswap letter for more on my preferences there), adventures, fight scenes, monsters, fluff, playing with game mechanics, worldbuilding, nerding out about robots/demons/other sapient nonhuman perspectives.

General Not For Me Thanks: mundane AUs (high school, coffee shop, etc.), deathfic, kidfic, misunderstanding angst, hopeless endings, abusive relationships, bigotry or oppression as a major plot point, bigotry or oppression written into a setting where they haven't been shown to exist in canon, scat/vomit, infantilization, forced feminization.

Extra Stuff I Love In Various Canons:

Read more... )

Request text:

Read more... )
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Beneath the cut: the first line of every unfinished piece of fic in my drive dating back a year or less -- minus the ones that are pieces of anon exchange submissions currently in progress.

Maybe I can convince myself to go back and make more progress on some of these for [community profile] seasonofkink or something. I must have some squares that would fit some of these stories. Or [community profile] iddyiddybangbang!

this is a lot of unfinished fic, jeez )

You can totally watch my fandom spread shifting over time there. Some of these are probably abandoned for one reason or another (I still love the concept of troll Hisoka so much, but I don't have an actual idea for a plot) but hopefully I'll get some of them to see the light of day. :B

Notebook - Practicality

Jun. 21st, 2017 09:52 pm
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What a wonderful world

Jun. 20th, 2017 10:22 pm
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Raks Geek - bellydancing Wookiee! And the rest of their playlist is fun, too - dancing Tardis, Klingon vs. Federation belly dance off, fire-twirling Rey, hee!

Yet Moar about houses

Jun. 20th, 2017 09:24 am
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Ok! The house saga continues!!

In the last installment I was fed up with the runaround on the private sale by owner of the house we're currently in. So I contacted a realtor and we started looking around. TDLR - I'm writing a small novel wall of text about everything that happened this weekend. )


Jun. 18th, 2017 01:18 pm
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I don't know that I've ever bought new furniture before current state-of-residence. Certainly not that I intended to keep long-term; last year's daybed purchase was intended to be a stopgap until a decent futon frame could be acquired.

Well, I now have a futon frame, and a laptop table, and three bookshelves, which were bought new. (Coffee table, card table & chairs, altar shelving, and small corner shelf were all street-corner, donated from friends, or yard sale finds. I do remain myself, after all.) I'm actually *intending* to _unpack_, to have my books and shelf-decorations out and about. I'm reorganizing the initial layout to get everything set up.

I may host *guests*. This is distinctly odd.

Twitterpated - Part 1

Jun. 18th, 2017 11:40 pm
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Twitterpated (679 words) by wicked3659
Chapters: 1/?
Fandom: Transformers - All Media Types, Transformers Generation One, The Transformers (IDW Generation One), Transformers Animated (2007)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Sideswipe (Transformers), Prowl (Transformers), Sunstreaker (Transformers), Perceptor (Transformers)
Additional Tags: One Word Prompts, Twitter, Fluff and Crack

A Collection of one-shot fics, inspired by prompts given to me on Twitter.

[personal profile] penta posting in [community profile] factfinding

OK, so, for a completely separate RP than my last few posts (still set in an AU of the "Ender's Game" universe, but still), the characters are going to be going to UN Headquarters in New York. Basic theme is that because they're superintelligent and multilingual, they're being loaned by the International Fleet for a bit as (to quote a previous post in this DWRP PSL) "...a translator, protocol monkey, interpreter, and escort to VIPs at the UN" - basically, since they're both on Earth for reasons, and they both live in or near NYC, this is how they earn additional funtime on Earth until everybody decides it's time to send them to their next stop, ICly.

Questions I have re UN Headquarters:

1. What exactly is security like? I've never been to the UN IRL, so I don't even know the basics like "Do they make you have special badges" or "Are the security people armed usually". Not looking for deep details, just what someone working there wou

2. When heads of state (like POTUS for example) come to visit the UN, do they bring their own translators/interpreters, or does the UN provide em?

3. New York gets *cold* in the winter (I know, I live in New Jersey), and the UN campus being right along the East River...Yeah I prefer not to think about what the wind does. Does the UN campus have underground tunnels for movement of people on those stupid cold (or, in the summer, stupid hot) days, or is movement between buildings all via the outdoors?

4. Bonus question, maybe someone here's worked at the UN: How good, or bad, are the staff cafeterias at the UN, and how expensive are they (compared to eating out in NYC usually...)?

Sources tried: Google ("UN Headquarters" and following links from there), UN.org, Wikipedia on UN Headquarters.

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Jun. 17th, 2017 08:51 am
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[community profile] press_start_comm is open for nominations! Trying to pick the fandoms I want to do -- so many of my fandoms are games, and so far it looks like none of them are in the tag set yet.

Are you playing? What do you plan to nominate?


Jun. 16th, 2017 11:30 am
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So, apparently we've had a lot of virus and hacking problems recently, and your response to that is to install security software that pops up and demands an explanation when people do things that might endanger the company servers.

Things like, for instance:
1) Opening a new tab in an internet browser (chrome, firefox, AND safari!)
2) The Google search engine library
3) Adobe Software AUTO UPDATES

ARE WE SEEING A PROBLEM HERE? MAYBE? *pries fingers off capslock* *banging head against desk* we've already complained to IT multiple times since yesterday, the order is apparently coming from higher than them, they're just forced to implement it. But OMG, jfc, either configure the gatekeeping software right or stop slapping it on without considering what it's going to interfere with! I am so fucking tired of this pop up window already.


Jun. 16th, 2017 10:13 am
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I'm probably going to hate myself for talking on tumblr, but fuck it.

(On a tangent to that, where it conflates with issues in fandom, the ageist shit is starting to really irk me. I am not magically some Entirely Different Species after some arbitrary age. I like the same stuff I did when I was thirty, and twenty, and yes, even sixteen. Being over 40 doesn't make me some stereotype to be feared, laughed at, mocked, etc - it makes me the same person I've always been with more life experience. GO FIGURE.)

I love robots tho

Jun. 15th, 2017 10:44 am
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Started playing Nier: Automata over the weekend and got the A ending last night. I'm super hype to start up again and go for the rest of the story, since it looks like a lot of the content is beyond the A ending. This game is so beautiful, both visually and aurally, and I'm grooving on the themes so hard.

And there was this one sidequest with an android scientist called Jackass, who wanted to collect combat data from watching us fight, and her dialogue after those fights was...well:
I needed to write it down )
SO THAT HAPPENED. talk about ficbait.

I love every robot in this bar.

The latest in the house saga

Jun. 15th, 2017 09:47 am
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Had a call from the house owner on tuesday evening, wherein she assured me that she had researched all angles on her end, the county safety zoning etc assured her that the downstairs is up to code, and *I* needed to go back to the assessor and contest the assessment because it's in my name.

I nearly snarled at her. I didn't, but I was biting my tongue. Why the hell is it MY job to make HER house assess for what she wants to sell it at?

So I dutifully went back to the assessor, who hadn't replied to my previous inquiries, repeating the query for clarification but being a bit snippier about it because they'd blown me off for the last week. Got a prompt repeat of the first answer - I need written permission from the bank to talk to them. No, I tell them, as I told them before, I spoke to the bank and they said I didn't need written permission because I am no longer working with that bank and *I* am the one listed on that assessment and who paid for the fucking thing.

FINALLY got a call from the actual assessor, who told me that no, the bank is wrong, he is not allowed to discuss details with me by law without that written permission. I don't honestly care who's confused or lying at this point (though obviously SOMEONE is), I'm just pissed off and frustrated. Remained professional on the phone to him, however, and DID manage to get him to say this - if there is ANY earth mounded up against the side of the house, it HAS to be zoned as a basement, according to Fannie Mae rules. So the county/state/safety/tax zoning means NOTHING - it's down to the rules set by the biggest loaner that all the banks go through, and that's that, period, end of story. No bank or assessor is going to come up with any different answer, because the ground floor is set between 12"-18" into the earth on three sides.

THIS IS WHAT I'VE BEEN TELLING THE OWNERS but omg they just refuse to hear it. It must be something else. It must be the assessor's fault, he must be incompetent, blah blah blah. NO, IT'S THE RULE OF THE FEDERAL NATIONAL MORTGAGE ASSOCIATION.

I texted that back to the owners. Have yet to hear from them.

In the meantime, had a long talk with the wife, and yesterday, being still angry and frustrated and fed up with the whole thing, I went onto Zillow.com and found a nice house just down the road a bit. Smaller listed square footage, but it has a basement and I bet that's not being included in the footage count. Also, storage attic. 1 acre, not 2, but really, that's just less grass to mow. Deck, HUGE kitchen (room for an island and 2 baking racks in the pictures, plus separate stovetop/oven which I've always wanted an oven set up in the wall so I don't have to practically climb into it to get pans in and out). Above ground pool in the back, which I'm betting has a pad under it and hopefully power run out to it, and could be converted to a hot tub instead.

Put my info in on Zillow, and within an hour I was talking to a local lender who's just down the way from our grocery store, who assured me I could call him day or night, or weekends, he will always answer. Then the realtor called me and he and the lender have worked together for years, always try to get the sellers to pay closing costs, and now I'm pre-approved for $189k on a USDA loan and we have an appointment early saturday morning to go look at the house, and then I'll ask if they have any other properties in the area they can recommend that maybe aren't listed on Zillow.

I am LOLing because when I told the new lender that I'd been struggling with buying the house we're in right now, and how it was a private sale, he was just "ooooooh, the horror stories I could tell you.... every time I see a 'for sale by owner' sign it's because they're too cheap to hire a realtor and they want more for the house than it can be assessed at." DINGDINGDING - YES, thank you, that's precisely it. The owners should have had the assessment done before they offered to sell it to me. They could have gotten all their answers directly from the assessor THEN. And we've repeatedly suggested they might want to hire a realtor, but it's like it goes in one ear and out the other, they don't even acknowledge it.

I'm a little sad, because we really like the house we're in, but this runaround is getting old and I'm not going through round three just for the same damned answers. I've spent enough on bank fees and assessors and inspections already, and gotten nowhere. Time to start looking elsewhere because we don't want to rent, we want somewhere that's OURS.

(And now my biggest concern, in the event of moving, is how to take apart the 6'x6' Ikea Kallax shelf that holds all the books. Fortunately it's all screw and peg construction, so I think just remove screws and tap it apart? Eeek.)


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