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Apr. 30th, 2010 10:34 pm
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Untitled: Prowl decides to be everybody's friend. With benefits. Totally ridiculous and fun.
Rocks Fall, Et Cetera: Character death. This is a story about quiet lonely grief. It is a story about Not The End Of The World But Still Really Fucking Horrible. It is a story about living. It's a story about Sideswipe.
Look Out On A Summer's Day: Just a simple quiet evening as summer peters out, comfortable and easy. Sam, Mikaela, and Bumblebee.
I've come to be untroubled in my seeking: I've been reading too many "Starscream is damaged and fixing him fixes everything" stories. So I wrote one made of magic and fairy tales.
Untitled: For millions of years, Skyfire dreamed.
Nonexplicit robot sex, implied sticky.Untitled: Skyfire and Starscream introduce a new element to their love life: FANTASY. *jazz hands*
Explicit robot sex, incest.They will never dance alone: Sunstreaker and Sideswipe challenge Optimus' moral fiber.
Duty Born Of / Долг: 100 word drabble about Shockwave and the nature of duty. Russian translation by Sejr.

Die Hard
John McClane and kittens: Unrepentant fluff. Little bitty kitty foot on John's face~!

Explicit sexual content.Two Is The Loneliest Number (Since The Number One): The thing about fire is that eventually it stops burning. The thing about Winchesters is that they've got plenty where that came from.
Elements: This is mostly a warm-up, heavily styled and yet very flow-of-consciousness, to get me used to the characters and my conceit of them and the subleties I want to draw attention to.

Stargate Atlantis
Explicit sexual content.Ficlet porn: Okay so I wrote porn. Gratuitous porn.
Untitled: I thought of this icon that kinda looks like Sheppard, and there was a story. It involved Genii and horses and a margarita, although the latter was more on the author's part than the characters'.
Violence, hostage situation, triggering content.Hello and Other Death Threats: Rodney makes use of the lessons John had to give him about How Not To Be A Hostage and makes new friends that want to kill him for his brain. No, really.
Violence, hostage situation, triggering content.Hello and Other Death Threats (Citrus Remix): John remembers Afghanistan. He knows how this goes - the whole leaving people behind thing. He doesn't do that shit.

Fullmetal Alchemist
Drabble: I read a line in someone else's fic recently. The story was about something else, but the line was how beautiful and gentle Alphonse had been, playing with Nina in the snow.
Coin's Mettle: Part 3 of Catnip. A wrong turn can lead to adventure. A cat can most certainly lead a military maneuver.
"Changed For Good" ficlet: For [ profile] miss_arel, whose story Changed For Good has long inspired me to take chances with ideas that I know are awesome. Yes, this is fanfic for a fanfic.
Envy-centric vignette: This proves my obsession with Envy's form.
Daguerrotype: 'Tis a much-belated gift for pinstripesuit, to go with her art of Greed and Envy in period dress, posed for a formal photograph. I did way too much research for this fic, and then I uh... never really finished it.
Kimbley-centric drabble: Kimbley, behind bars.
First-line meme: self-explanatory.
Explicit sexual content, xenokink, dubious consent, triggering content.Partake: Gratuitous Greed/Ed armorsex.
Explicit violence, gore, vore, triggering content.Unsubtle: Greed, Kimbley, broken-guh, Kimberly humming "Ode to Joy" or some other classical song, Greed being incapacitated, with his shield down, with Kimberly leering over him. I did not succeed in the rating limitation.
Violence, war.Weft: The alchemists' first fight, a sandstorm, and the realization that alchemy is not a gun.
Requests - DONE: Fulfilled requests for "SasuNaru. Comparisons of their childhood and past. Understanding. Slightly fluffy!angsty" and "Unabashed evilness; Ishvar-era death, destruction, and mayhem. 'Knives out.'"
Crimson: Arrays and red stone in Ishbal.
Feline: Part 2 of Catnip. Are pets allowed in the office? Probably not...
War is a Fantasy: Roy dreams, and then he doesn't.
It Goes Like This: Roy figures out equivalent trade.
The Least Best Thing: Roy is fine. Really. Post-Ishbal.
Desert Sun: Roy has a bottle in one hand and a glove on the other.
Swallowing Glass: The mission in East City had more long-term effects than expected.
Easy Dreaming: It's hard to wake an alchemist that can blow things up in his sleep.
Observance: In Lior, Ed learns of Ishvalla.
On Growing: Envy gets a little brother, because he really didn't like the idea of having a father. Yeah, I make it sound like it has nothing to do with Greed.
Renaissance Man: Naked human Envy!
Catnip: Part 1 of Catnip. Cat-chimeras and catnip and jingly balls, oh my!
Cars: Sob.
Explicit sexual content, dubious consent, unrealistic lack of lube.Salted Wounds: Roy is slowly breaking, and Kimbley isn't helping. That might have to do with Kimbley being broken himself.
Military Man: Some things, once deconstructed, can be reassembled. A man with no purpose, no friends, can make new ones.

Final Fantasy VII
Violence, drug addiction.The Beauty Inherent: The setting is this: society depends on the Shinra company, to the point where elected government has fallen out of favor. Midgar is a giant sprawl of a city, stretching from horizon to horizon, run entirely off Shinra's mainframe, a computer that handles everything from public transit to residential doors. All the machinery is connected to the network, right down to the blender in a tenement, and most of the people are as well - the surgery for a neural port is cheap. Almost all of the planet relies on a single computer that hasn't betrayed them once in the ninety years since it was built.
The premise is this: there's a virus.
Untitled: Dealing with Vincent's first Limit Break transformation.
Filth: Cid/Vincent/Jenova love triangle or something.
Continuum, Perpetuity, Ubiquity, Evermore: On mako poisoning and how hope springs eternal.
Walking in the Air: Post-game hypothetical, with a great many coincidences left unexplained. They've made a family while they weren't looking, as is evidenced by a stormy evening.

Kingdom Hearts
Explicit sexual content, dubious consent, semi-masochism, triggering content.Umbral Edge: Post-game. Roxas is frustrated. Riku has a pinched nerve. It doesn't work out too well.
Untitled: "Uh, anyway... So the Heartless." "Yes." "I can feel them." "You plan on doing something about it." "Yeah."
Poolside: Part 2 of Coconut Bones. Ed gets his prosthetic leg, much to the boys' amusement.
Coconut Bones: Part 1 of Coconut Bones. Ed's trying to find his way home, and he gets a friend for his troubles.
Metaphysical sexual dubious consent weirdness.Taste of the Dead: Heartless have no mouths, for they eat with their claws and taste with their fingers.

Violence, triggering content.Pillar of Salt: Sequel to Realism. Itachi uses the same dream often, variations on a theme. In the dream, Sasuke will wake up, look down at himself and take count of his ribs, his bruises, his cuts, his fingers. There's a sound by the door and he'll look and Naruto will be there, pale and wide-eyed, and then Sakura will step barefoot into the tub with Sasuke and sling him over a shoulder. The changes come in-between; what they say, if Sakura touches his face, if Naruto leaves to watch the door.
Violence, war, death.Requests - DONE: Fulfilled requests for "SasuNaru. Comparisons of their childhood and past. Understanding. Slightly fluffy!angsty" and "Unabashed evilness; Ishvar-era death, destruction, and mayhem. 'Knives out.'"
Violence.Glass: First things are pretty bad. Then they're worse. Then they're feral.
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