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Oh my god, what's this? Some more things from that 100 prompts set? Why, it is! Actual productivity! How did this even happen, I have no idea. Some of them are pretty substantial though.

12. Beautiful (Sunstreaker): G, G1

"Look, don't touch," one human scolds another. The hand that had been creeping ever-closer to Sunstreaker's hood jerks back, much to his relief.

They put a dark velvet rope up around him not much later, before the real crowds come in. His plating gleams - the lighting isn't perfect, but it brings out the mellow tones of his color in just the right way. His windows are just the right level of transparency, and even his wheels gleam oil-slick. His interior is as free of organic debris as it will ever be. He is, to put it finely, gorgeous. And every sentient being in the building knows it.

He's far from the only beautiful vehicle there, but he is the only incognito Autobot. The humans worship him from behind the ropes, taking pictures that will never live up to the real thing, and it doesn't matter that there's another Lamborghini to his right - he is beautiful, he is admired. He is surrounded with words of awe, flashes of light glinting off the curves of his perfect finish. It's everything he could want.

And yet...

And yet.


14. Children (Wheeljack and Dinobots): G, G1

No one else seems to understand what it means that they are his creations. He has known every part of them, built them from scraps to sentience. They are clumsy and dangerous and sweet and loving and he did not know how much he loved them back until they were locked away like any other failed mechanism.

"They can think," Wheeljack said.

"Not well enough," Prime said.

Wheeljack was not the only one to build them, but he is the only one to visit them in their cave and just be with them. He learns things he'd never programmed into them - that Grimlock is their leader, that he is impetuous and tempestuous, that where he goes the others will follow.

Wheeljack manipulates him, flatters him into behaving the way Optimus thinks is proper. It hurts his core to tell his giant children to be submissive and docile; it hurts him more to see them cast aside like so much trash.

It's for their own good.


26. Formal (Optimus and Megatron): G, Movieverse pre-war

Optimus never could quite align his color-nanites in just the right patterns. Megatron was gleaming shades of silver and titanium, sigils seeming to dance over his plating with every shift of the light, but Optimus still struggled to even remember which ceremonial pattern he was supposed to be using.

Megatron laughed, a rumble like well-warmed gears, and touched the flare of one shoulder. "Like this," he murmured, and his clever fingers sketched out designs. Color blossomed in his wake, red to contrast blue, primary colors from which all else came.

"Will you..." Optimus began to speak, but Megatron already moved to touch his back, tracing out sinuous and unreadable patterns. Optimus obediently woke the nanites where he touched, and if he shivered then Megatron moved with him to keep the designs unsoured.

"Now you are presentable," Megatron said, stepping back to admire him. Optimus moved into the shining circle of his arms anyhow, pressing their chest-plates together, spark to spark. They thrummed together for a long moment.

"We should go," Optimus said regretfully. "It won't begin without us."

"Wing Command would be happy to run it without us," Megatron laughed, but he was the first to step away anyhow.

"A surfeit of ambition," Optimus sighed. "I am truly presentable?"

"Truly." Megatron nudged his shoulder, no patience for hesitation. Optimus nudged back - perhaps childishly, but it made Megatron laugh. They went together, in subliminally synchronized step, to stand before the Allspark in its cradle and a hundred silent frames awaiting newsparks, and if there were a greater proportion of fighting-builds to service-builds Optimus made no note of it in the excitement of their entreaty.


34. Sunlight (Scorponok): PG, Movieverse

The light here is full of colors, the bright multi-spectrum flare of helium. Scorponok likes the mica-fine sparkle in the sand, the way everything soaks up the energy and heats the air to rippling. He likes to flatten out on the surface after too long in the cool underneath. There is warmth everywhere and it's nothing like cold space, nothing like dead Cybertron. It is alien and fascinating and he falls a little more in love with the planet with every noon spent baking in its desert.

The heat gathers best on the altmode he shares with Blackout. They sit silent on the sands, rotors gently spinning when Scorponok twitches a limb. Soon. Soon the humans will be exterminated and he will dive through the sand freely. But for now, he clicks softly within Blackout and waits.


88. Finally (Dinobot and Rattrap): PG, Beast Wars season 1

Dinobot's pebbly hide gathered misty rain in tiny droplets. Rattrap tried not to wonder what they would taste like. He hadn't been out long enough for the water to gather in his own fur as anything more than a silvery shimmer.

"Hey, Dinobutt," he said, trundling up beside him. He was careful of his footing - the dumb Pred was standing way too close to the cliff edge, and Rattrap had zero interest in being a fuzzy splat in the river.

"Vermin," Dinobot said - but it was more subdued than it should be, with hardly a snarl at all. He didn't even look aside from his blank stare out over the waterfall.

"You coming inside yet?" Rattrap looked up at the rough creases where Dinobot's throat met his massive jaw. A thick drop of water zip-zagged along the lines of his skin.

"I am keeping watch." One clawed hand twitched slightly, a few droplets shaking loose. Rattrap tried not to groan - Dinobot was doing no such thing. The great big lunk was moping.

"He's not coming," Rattrap said after a moment. Dinobot looked at him sharply, lips twitching back from predator-sharp teeth. Rattrap knew better than to flinch. And then Dinobot just looked back out over the river. "We kicked Megatron's skidplate hard enough to hole him up for a good long rest in the R-chamber. He's not coming." Dinobot just ignored him that time.

Cog-for-brains needed something a little stronger than a reality check, then. What he needed was... a distraction. And there wasn't anyone better at distractions than Rattrap.

"Hey, gear-gizzard." Rattrap hissed a Maximize and reached out to grab Dinobot's muzzle just as the scaly face turned toward him in surprise. "You don't have to pine for him anymore," Rattrap said in the most grandiose manner possible, not even trying to suppress his snickering, "I'm here for you, lizard lips."

And then, in one quick motion, he licked a bold stripe up Dinobot's leathery nose and bolted.

He needn't have bothered running; when he hit the lift and had to stop anyway, he looked back to see Dinobot still staring after him with the best wide-eyed expression of shock that Rattrap had ever seen. The sound of the lift headed up seemed to shake Dinobot from his impression of a pointy rock, and he gave a little shudder and growl. Rattrap blew a little kiss at him just before the ship broke his line-of-sight - the snarl of annoyance carried clearly, though, and Rattrap couldn't hide his self-satisfied smirk.

Optimus' little smile stopped his stroll through the bridge dead in its tracks.

"What are you grinning at, boss-bot?" Rattrap said, careful to keep it cheerful. Wouldn't do to put the big guy on edge with a too-mutinous remark.

"Nothing," Optimus said mildly, turning back to the monitor. That only lasted a moment before he couldn't help adding (with barely-supressed laughter), "It's about time."

"What?" Rattrap knew he squeaked. Squealed. Whatever. "What's that supposed to -"

The lift hummed to life. Rattrap jumped, took one look over his shoulder, and ran for the hills - or the holes, or the service hatches, as the case may be.

"It's just Dinobot," Optimus called after him, sounding outright baffled.

Rattrap tossed a wave over his shoulder, grinning at the distinct hrrfle sound of Dinobot's disgruntled snort, and hollered back, "There's no fun in letting him catch me!"
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