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I wrote some adorable commentfic!

1. for antepathy

For the five hundred thousandth time, Scorponok spun their rotors out of sheer boredom. A human, thankfully not one of the ones in uniform, squinted up at them for a moment before moving on. The moment it was safe, Blackout snapped open a side-panel.

"Out," he said sharply. "Burn off some fuel, you glitch."

Scorponok made a buzzing negation, clinging tight when Blackout tried to push him out anyway.

"Then stay still." Discussion over. Closing up again, Blackout let his thoughts drift. That cloud looked like the first battle of Polyhex if you squinted and looked at it sideways and didn't pay attention to that wisp on the Autobot side that looked a bit like Ome-

"Stop it with the rotors," Blackout hissed. Scorponok thrashed, a tantrum that rocked their combined weight just enough to creak his struts. Blackout cursed. If the little brat kept that up...

"Fine. This was a shoddy location for surveillance anyway." Blackout grumbled as Scorponok chirred happily. Spoiled little... "Clean up here and we'll go."

Diving onto the hard-packed dirt, Scorponok's claws clicked eagerly. Blackout warmed up his rotors slowly as the little pest took out all potential witnesses - no need to rush, for once. And it was a nice day for a flight, just the right temperature to keep the air steady. Maybe the glitch was onto something.

Blackout rose into the air as Scorponok returned, angling to scoop him up mid-leap. Scorponok settled comfortably, wriggling until every leg was tucked in securely.

"Just a short flight," Blackout conceded, and Scorponok answered with a knowing, laughing trill. On a day like this, with nothing tying them to the dirt and the sun baking them to puddles of lazy delight? Sure, just a little joyride around the desert. That would totally happen.


2. for pell

"Starscream, Thundercracker!" Skywarp shot into their aerie like his afterburners were on fire, barely missing Skyfire's head as he zoomed through the rooms and back again. Having at least enough warning this time to duck did Skyfire no good - Skywarp plastered himself to the back of his head, it felt like, legs wrapped around his shoulders and arms around his face. "Skyfire! Where are they? Oh well doesn't matter they'll miss it anyway, come on, we have to go!"

"Go where?" Skyfire reached up to adjust Skywarp's arms, hoping to at least be able to see, but Skywarp just clung tighter with a giggle.

"It's a secret, you can't peek," Skywarp sing-songed.

Skyfire had to laugh at that. "I have to see to fly, silly cyberhawk."

"Laaaame." Skywarp moved his arms at least, so Skyfire obligingly stood (Skywarp squeaked and ducked, despite being at least a hands-breadth from the ceiling) and walked them both over to the landing pad.

"Do you plan on riding me the whole way there?" Skyfire asked.

"Yup." Skywarp tightened his grip in anticipation. "That's what buddy-shuttles do, right?"

"Oh, it's on now," Skyfire laughed, and yet somehow moments later they were both falling out of the aerie in a jumble of limbs and laughter.


3. I forgot to post Bob!

For a creature that had essentially spurned its own kind, Bob sure was cuddly.

Sunstreaker sighed and tried to shift under Bob’s weight, eventually managing to shove him down onto already-numb legs. The pleasant state of not being crushed should have let him drop off to rest again, but Bob chirped and nuzzled his hand, working his big ugly head under Sunstreaker’s palm.

“Yeah, I’m here,” Sunstreaker mumbled, rubbing behind an antenna. Bob’s tiny secondary arms twitched happily against his thigh. “Settle down now. Some of us need to get our beauty sleep.”

Following Sunstreaker’s hand, Bob managed to wriggle half-off his hip, clunking the whole way, then finally laid his head down to settle. With a low groan, Sunstreaker realized that Bob couldn’t possibly be comfortable like that. Bracing himself did no good: the ensuing get-up-and-find-a-new-spot routine ended with a foot in his face, quickly followed by Bob tumbling to the floor.

“No,” Sunstreaker said sharply. “Stay down.” Bob reached for the bed with one hand, all his sets of eyes locked on Sunstreaker’s face. “No. I want to sleep, not get trampled.”

Bob stayed down. Staring at Sunstreaker. Just. Staring.

...His legs were cold.

“Fine, get up,” Sunstreaker sighed, and before he was even halfway through the first word Bob’s foot landed square on his crotch.
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Oh Bob! ^_^ (The other two were awesome too, but... Bob!!!)
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Oh, Scorponok. <333

Skyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyywarp. Also, Skyfiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiire!!!!!


*snorts at Sunny*
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Great fics!
And now I'm going to have to go find a way to see the new movie just to find out who, and what, Bob is. Or is he from the new animated series?