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Welcome to Craftformers.

So, with the encouragement of the other members of the Craftformers server, I thought I'd give a walkthrough of our builds. I would greet you by smacking you with a steak, as is traditional, but the real world is not Minecraft. Alas.

Let's start with the Metro Map!

As you can see, this map is amazing. That's because I made it. :3c Let's start at the central station: the Glass Tower. It is named for obvious reasons.

I'm not sure who built the tower, but Starscream makes all the rails (bless you Starscream) and I made the squat little station and color-coded everything.

Going down the purple line, you first encounter the Decepticon Spiders:

Ironhide and Megatron dug up a spider dungeon and encased it in glass. I'm not sure why, but it's amusing. Immediately beside the spiders is the crown jewel of the server, the Victory (commonly referred to as the Nemesis in fandom, I am told that is actually a different ship).

Megatron built this solo. That crater is the result of weeks of blasting; the lake was filled by hand. I don't have any interior pictures because it doesn't photograph well, but it is PERFECT. There are even energon dispensers. I am completely in love with this gorgeous ship. Sometimes I sit on the bridge and watch the squids swim by. Every time I walk by I stop to admire its silhouette underwater, like a giant ominous shark.

Next down the purple line is the Server Shrine. This was built by Ironhide, as commanded by the Server God, and it houses the commandments of the server.

The commandments are:

Next down the purple line is Hot Rod's Castle of Carnal Pleasures, aka the Love Shack. It is slightly amazing. It is also 3 coal/hr.

You thought I was kidding about the name. ANYWAY here is where the pink line starts, and it ends about a hundred feet away at SIX LASERS OVER CYBERTRON! This is the best amusement park in progress you will ever see. Possibly. Maybe.

We have Bumper Pigs!

We have a mirror maze! (which Motormaster immediately broke adkjfhdskjh)

We have a rollercoaster which is AN ENTIRE MOUNTAIN:

Besides this amazing park, there is also a swamp on the far side of Hod's castle. In this swamp are some fantastic ruins.

If you dive down that deathtrap of a well, you make a wild discovery:

The day spa of the ancients! :D Megatron built this. He's just that old. OHHH BUUUUURN

There is actually one more build on the purple line. Starscream's Stronghold is not to be missed. In fact, it's pretty much impossible to miss. You can't really overlook a mountain made of diamond.

As a side note, this picture was taken as I fled certain death, having just set Starscream on fire in self-defense. Starscream likes fire. Starscream likes fire a LOT.

In fact, we all have our little quirks. I like to entomb people when they're afk.

Ahhhh, sweet memories indeed.

I am gonna skip right over the orange and blue lines, because those builds aren't done yet. Let's jump right into the red line! Next stop: Creepy Castle! This was a co-build between myself (Shockwave) and Ironhide. For some reason I have almost no pictures of the interior. This is a shame, because it's freaking awesome. Especially the creepy dining room.

Next door to the creepy castle is the Crystal Castle, built solo by Ironhide! I love this castle. It was the first castle on the server.

That last picture is of a VERY subtle Autobot logo done in sand and sandstone. Aw yeah. Classy.

Next door to this castle is the lake which I fucking despise, because I am a dumbass and when I said HEY I WANT TO MAKE AN UNDERWATER GARDEN I actually filled in a lake to do it.

Please don't ask how long that took. And then I didn't care enough about the end result to take any pictures inside! AWESOME.

Cybertron, at the far end of the green line, is our next stop. Waaaay out in the middle of the ocean, Cybertron is the most inaccessible build thus far. It's great. :D

It's, um, in progress. Very much in progress. The tiny hut you see there is my house. =w= I love my house. There is a story here; I went afk to read a story, and Starscream teleported me to Soundwave and built a tomb around us. Soundwave, the most creepy creeper who ever creeped, made it into a house around me. When I came back, this is what I saw:

Yeah so. That happened. There's also a small upstairs room which contains the precious rose that Soundwave gave me, as well as another cake and a bookshelf. Please note that there are no exterior doors to this house, and the final version has windows in every room and hallway. Including the bathroom. Somehow I still feel warm and loved whenever I'm in it. XD

Last but certainly not least is our beloved Deceptown.

Spawned before the 1.0.0 update, this town is not actually in our seed. It's a special, magical place. A place where Christmas is one stinking week away.

There's a little farm out back...

and I live in the church:

and if you drop down through the altar of the church, you find the secret basement, and if you make it through the dark and the maze (PEOPLE STOP LIGHTING MY SECRET DARK MAZE OMG) it suddenly opens up into a vast chamber...

And that, my friends, is Craftformers.

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Date: 2011-12-20 09:04 pm (UTC)
macboris: (Sark-MCP talk)
From: [personal profile] macboris
weh nobody wants me

I didn't want in your stupid fort anyway

(Also I'm making my own)

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Date: 2011-12-20 09:07 pm (UTC)
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it'll probably only have just me and caius, but still

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Date: 2011-12-20 10:21 pm (UTC)
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Eh, I don't want some strangers running around my planet and doing stuff.


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