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Goodness gracious it's been ages since I last posted any fic. That happens when I get horribly depressed, though. I'm on meds and stabilizing now, so maybe writing will happen again soon. In the meantime have a little thing I wrote about Dylan Gould. I didn't much care for him the first time I saw DotM, but then I realized that he's the Decepticon version of Daniel. He grew up with Uncle Soundwave and Uncle Laserbeak. His motivations in the movie make total sense when you realize that it isn't about glory or power, it's about family. A very twisted, horrible kind of family, but family. Poor dear.

Series: Transformers (Dark of the Moon)
Rating: G
Warnings: none
Words: 160

"Good night, kiddo." His dad pulls up the covers, nestling him into a cocoon of blankets. It’s cold, frost riming the old windowpanes, so he doesn’t mind. He’s still warming up from making too many snowballs without his mittens, despite the hot cocoa he’s had since.

"Good night, Daddy," he mumbles, the soft sheets and pillows already tugging him into sleep. "Good night, birdie."

The two red lights atop his dresser blink once. It shifts with a reassuring rustle.

"Good night, little Dylan," it coos. "Sleep well."

His dad pats the covers one last time. When the door closes behind him, the only light left in the room is red. It watches Dylan unblinkingly. He rolls over to face it, staring back for as long as he can.


"Yes, Dylan."

"Are you going to sleep?"

"No, Dylan."

"...Will you watch for monsters?"

It clicks its beak together, hiss-laughing delightedly. "Yes, Dylan."

"Okay. Good night, birdie."

"Sweet dreams, Dylan."


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