Aug. 18th, 2010

swordage: 2007 Sideswipe. (tf sideswipe is handsome)
WIP: Transformers/Iron Man, Sideswipe/Jarvis (nonsexual GASP HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE)

This one came from some excited babbling with [personal profile] blue_soaring and - I love the idea, I do! That's why I started writing it! But the story fell apart and it was taking too long and I don't have the patience to figure out what it wants to be, especially since I've kinda moved away from my fascination with Iron Man. Sigh. I still want to see Jarvis getting it on with a Cybertronian, though - and I really did want to touch on the idea that, being an artificially-built rather than inherit/sparked intelligence (and thus possibly not alive or an independent being to the Cybertronians, which is an extra level of irony because of the human debate over whether the Cybertronians are alive and sentient), Jarvis' ability to consent to a relationship is called into question. Anyway. Let me show you what I had written.

Oh, also? This is the story that put "I hear you've been around the parking lot a few times" into my vocabulary. It never ceases to make me laugh hysterically.

So basically Tony needs a ride (he has two tickets to that thing you love), Sideswipe seduces Jarvis with his stunning intellect, Tony fails to realize that they've adopted Dummy as their illegitimate love child, and Optimus Prime is not entirely sure he approves of this but believes in Love Conquers All or something, though I never wrote that last scene. Also I am not sure about how I wrote Pepper but wanted to include her because 1. she's awesome and 2. I am trying to stop erasing women from my fic. LONGEST CUT TEXT EVER )


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