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Life is not a paragraph

And death I think is no parenthesis

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Access/subscription policy: Nothing is access-locked! Please read at your own discretion. I may or may not subscribe in return.

What is this journal about? This journal is almost exclusively for fanfiction. I have written for Transformers, Supernatural, Stargate Atlantis, Fullmetal Alchemist, Final Fantasy VII, Naruto, Kingdom Hearts, Saiyuki, and Die Hard. A list of all fic is here. Active fandoms are currently: Transformers.

General warnings: I have difficulty seeing what I need to warn for in my own stories. This means that sometimes I may cross the line for an individual's comfort without warning for it. I try to provide warnings in all places within this journal that link to a given fic, including the master list (mouse hover-over of the NSFW image should provide a list of warnings). There is also a rating system in place: G is for completely inoffensive topics; PG for the drama of daily life; PG-13 for the mildly offensive such as mild violence, intent for strong violence, and unerotic relationships; R for strong violence, mild erotica, dubious topics such as dubcon, kinks, or consensual incest; NC-17 for graphic and disturbing violence, eroticized violence, graphic sex, and similarly objectionable topics. This rating system is not foolproof, so please be sure to read all the warnings for a story. I do not and will not warn for non-heterosexual relationships.

History: This journal previously existed on LiveJournal. After Strikethrough '07, I moved to Insanejournal, and when [staff profile] denise announced the creation of Dreamwidth I knew I'd be moving here. It's been worth it.

Layout credit goes to [community profile] inconformista, with heavy editing by me.
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