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Everyone seems to be using AO3 and I needed to keep track of my bookmarks there, so you can find me as Leximuth.

Oh yeah, and I'm still alive and whatnot. XD Spend a lot of time on Twitter but I like to keep a small social circle. I rebagel the Tumblrs as Murdorito, feel free to say hi over there.

Things are good with me right now. I haven't been writing because depression is a cruel constant of my life and when I feel good enough to do stuff it's more likely to involve cleaning or cooking than writing. But I got a new doc who will give me the meds I need. Come to me, generic Prozac. Let me love you.
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Hey all, most of you probably know the lovely [livejournal.com profile] spacehussy because I kind of talk about her all the time and she's to blame for everything I write, basically. XD She also draws adorable robots and writes and is basically a stellar person and fan. She's my darling twin and I love her to bits. And she's in a pickle, if by "pickle" one means "needs surgery to regain pain-free use of her hand."

Insurance and disability are not going to cover the time she has to take off work for recovery, nor the entire procedure. If she can't get that income, she can't pay rent. Her savings were eaten up when she took in another good friend who was getting out of a bad place. So that's where fandom comes in, because we take care of our own, dangit.

Save the Spacehussy! She feels awful having to ask for help (which is why I'm the one writing this rather than her) but she needs peace of mind to recover. She needs to not be worrying about keeping a roof over her head. So please, anything you can give will be greatly appreciated. Not just by Spacehussy, but by all of us who adore her. ♥ Thank you.

BELATED UPDATE: The goal was met, she had the surgery and it went well and she is recovered! Thank you all so, so much.
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What's this? A DW-centric Transformers friending meme? And it's hosted by the new newsletter? Fancy!

The Dreamwidth Transformers Newsletter's Friending Meme
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Title: The second moon is the darker brother
Series: Transformers Prime
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Snuff, robot sex, dubcon, violence
Wordcount: 3700
Note: Eight months ago, I started a fic for Sick Mind. It was supposed to be a quick comment fic. Well, eight months and a few thousand words later, it's done. [livejournal.com profile] justnuts, this is for you. ♥ And [livejournal.com profile] pellimusprime, this wouldn't have happened without your encouragement. Thank you.

He leaps down to meet Optimus, or the battleground flows beneath him, and they clash in deathless silence. )
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Pell told me to write a fic about Bob. This happened. I died of cute at least ten times. I JUST REALLY LOVE BOB OKAY?!

Title: BABBU (aka idk how to title anything)
Rating: G
Series: Transformers (IDW)
Wordcount: 400ish

The Insecticon cringes, cornered, but Sunstreaker doesn't shoot. )
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Goodness gracious it's been ages since I last posted any fic. That happens when I get horribly depressed, though. I'm on meds and stabilizing now, so maybe writing will happen again soon. In the meantime have a little thing I wrote about Dylan Gould. I didn't much care for him the first time I saw DotM, but then I realized that he's the Decepticon version of Daniel. He grew up with Uncle Soundwave and Uncle Laserbeak. His motivations in the movie make total sense when you realize that it isn't about glory or power, it's about family. A very twisted, horrible kind of family, but family. Poor dear.

Series: Transformers (Dark of the Moon)
Rating: G
Warnings: none
Words: 160

"Good night, moon." )
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Quick reminder! The TF friending meme is STILL going strong, with new people posting their intros. I'm not talking stragglers, I'm saying there is just as much activity now as when I first posted it. I'm astounded at how well this has been going and I'm so grateful to all of you for spreading the word and reaching out to each other. ♥ I originally hoped for half a dozen people to respond. So far, there's been 63 people. SIXTY THREE. I will just be over here making dolphin noises of excitement. :D
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Hello one and all to the DW TF friending meme! There's a whole bunch more of us now, and some new usernames, so I admit I've been getting wildly confused. But that's okay! Because I want to follow ALL of you. :D Let's do this thing! Here's a handy form, feel free to fill out any parts of it you like:

You might also know me as:
I like the TF series:
I'm also into:
Some of my favorite characters are:
What I tend to do in the fandom is:
One random thing about me:
If I were a gif I'd be:

If you'd like to link this around, I made a whole bunch of hideous banners. :D Just pick one, copy the text in the box below it, and post it!

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Pinboard, you're okay. And you are getting my $10. I thought you were good when you specifically advertised your / as a draw for fandom, but now I think you are freaking awesome and actually listen to your userbase. Bless your face.
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So obviously Delicious is broken now and everyone who has ever used it is upset and baffled at how this happened. I don't have any insider scoop or anything, but I do have a software developer dad (and thus some dinner-conversation idea of how long product development takes, especially working with old code that no one documented and the guy who wrote it moved to a monastery in Spain) and some facts.

The first thing you need to know is that when Avos bought Delicious, Yahoo gave them a timeframe to get Delicious off Yahoo's servers. That is a great big ticking doomsday countdown for a developer, right off the bat. A countdown of just four months, I believe.

Second, I am told that much of Delicious was Yahoo-specific code. Also, all the developers were fired before the sale. So the people who were familiar with the code are gone and a good portion of the code just got yanked out from under the new developers. Ouch.

So basically these developers have to build an entirely new product from scratch. Oh, and also integrate the data from all the users. There is no way in any world that this will happen in four months. So you start damage control: what features can be done by then? Is there any possible way to have a vaguely-functioning release in time for that big doomsday clock?

If you look in the FAQ, you'll see that pretty much all the tagging functionality is planned, as are subscriptions and everything else that's broken. They simply did not have the time to code any of it. It'll come down the pipes eventually - the big question is whether it'll be too late.

Does any of this excuse the sorry excuse for a social network that's currently masquerading as an archive service? Fuck no. I'm looking for a new home for my links the same as everyone else. But in a year or two, Delicious should be useful again... if they don't chase away their entire userbase first. (Hint, Avos: TRANSPARENCY. If you tell people this shit, they will understand. Silence does not endear you.)

Before I forget: Seperis has some links for doing things like seeing all your bookmarks and tags, editing tags, creating bundles, and the comments have a tip for accessing the data still present on Yahoo's servers before it gets deleted.
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whoops I found a fic in my WIP folder which is not a WIP. herp derp here you go

Series: Transformers
Rating: PG
Words: 336

Skyfire dreams of Starscream. That is a given. )
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New DotM trailer oh god oh god I am about two seconds away from peeing my pants in excitement despite knowing Bay will fail to deliver the awesome that is promised herein OH GOD SHOCKWAVE WHY SO BADASS HNNNNNNNNNNNGH Read more... )

That is all.

EDIT: Read more... )
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My friends, I have a secret to tell you. It is a terrible burden to bear, so I must share it with you. It has to do with this picture:

My friends, I am sorry, but what has been seen cannot be unseen. )
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Did you know that I have NEVER posted my icons to my own journal? Good gracious. Hopefully you will see a gradual improvement in these as I learned how to icon better.

[6] G1
[3] TFA
[48] Bay
[10] TFP

Resources: TFW2005, This weird blog, NASA, and this video.


And last but not least, a 1280x800 wallpaper of Scorponok in the desert. Took me ages, and [livejournal.com profile] primusatemyleg helped a lot, and there needs to be more Scorponok in the world so voila, click on this:


1 2 3

SUPER IMPORTANT: If you use that last one with the octopus, ALSO CREDIT [livejournal.com profile] pellimusprime.
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I... I think I somehow bruised my spine or something. Any weight on my hips/lower back (like, you know, the weight of my UPPER BODY) leads to slowly-growing really-awful pain just above the back points of my pelvis. I'm doing a lot of lying down. Just sitting long enough to eat lunch has led to the kind of pain that shortens my breath. It just isn't going away - heat helps a little, stretching helps a little (but gives me that poking-a-bruise feeling), lying down in certain positions helps a little... Nostalgia is a darling and hasn't left my side all day. Awww. I don't know what this is, but I hope it goes away soon.

Anyway, this has led to me rereading a bunch of my favorite multichapter stories. I am a huge fan of long plotty stories, and I suspect most these are pretty low on the collective radar. And that's a shame, because they're totally frigging awesome. Some of these are explicit, some violent, some may have touchy issues - I am not with it enough to give warnings right now, so read headers and bring your own judgment with you.

A bajillion long recs under the cut! )
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You are cordially invited to the Morphobot Appreciation Society's Grand Opening Gala

Yes, that's right. A comm dedicated entirely to Transformer/tentacle love. Fic, art, video, recs, you name it. So many tentacles your skirt will fly up. It is amazing. Go forth, my tentacle-loving friends.

Last night was amazing and I regret nothing


Feb. 14th, 2011 02:57 pm
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Okay so I guess there's this [livejournal.com profile] tf_valentine thing?! It looks fantastic and I remember seeing it come up a while back but apparently I lost the tab and never left anyone a valentine. BUT I GOT SOME. So now, my dear fandom, I am the repentant Significant Other who forgot our anniversary and just ran out to get you the last bouquet of roses except maybe you're allergic to roses so I also got you these tulips because the lilies would kill your cat. I mean seriously, just look at this beautiful valentine!

If I were Soundwave, my tentacles would be reserved for you.

THAT IS THE SWEETEST THING ANYONE HAS EVER SAID TO ME. I am going to print it up and glue it to my computer so I can just look at it and grin like a loon. Fandom, you are the best gf/bf/so. You know me so well. I love you. Will you be my valentine?



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