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Okay. I have read as much of the currently-extant Transformers fanfic as I ever will. Let me show you my favorites, the ones that tore at my heartstrings long after I read them, the ones so beautiful they made me cry for joy, the ones that left me filled with soft warmth. I am completely, amazingly in love with every one of these stories.

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My friends, I have made a dreadful mistake. In my initial rush through Delicious, I ignored many stories that 1) did not involve Starscream and 2) were hosted on ff.net. THIS WAS A TERRIBLE MISTAKE. I have since realized that Transformers, until very recently, was a small, old fandom and thus was not primarily centered around Livejournal (as my usual fandoms are). I deeply apologize for depriving you of some very excellent recs. To make amends, I present YET MORE TRANSFORMERS RECS. And later, there will be yet more recs! I am not done finding stories. Oh, not by a long shot.

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The Transformers movie was excellent. I am questioning my sexuality because of Megatron's exceeding hotness. BUT WHY DOES MEGATRON HAVE A PENIS. Please tell me that's photoshopped. Please. Also why is he now a tank instead of a plane. The plane was hot.

Scarring you with something entirely different, I present a Youtube video:

And now the recs! Recs may be G1 or movie or both or something, I don't discriminate against canons. On the plus side, I'll give some warnings this time since I understand not everyone likes romance in their giant alien robots. Don't blame me for that crack, I promise the recs won't break your brain. )

If you have any other suggestions, please let me know where I can find more Transformers fic! I've been through all of Springkink and a lot of The Cybertronian, but that's about it. (Especially if you know where to find more stuff by [livejournal.com profile] apathocles, omg.)
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Crossovers have a bad reputation. You think "crossover" and you think "badly written drivel that has nothing to do with either series" and no one wants to read that crap. I am here to tell you that crossovers need love, too. Crossovers can be just as well-written as any epic, any AU, any other genre at all. A good crossover doesn't require you to be intimate with both (or all) of the series used. A good crossover is just plain good.

Supernatural, Stargate Atlantis, American Gods, The Dark Tower, Numb3rs, Transformers and more. )
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Let's try something new. I'm (very slowly) working on fic, but it only shows up on here once in a blue moon. BUT I constantly read fic. So let's get some recs in here. Remember to read the authors' warnings and ratings.

Let's start with On The Dodge which [livejournal.com profile] candle_beck posted last night. I spent the night reading it, unable to tear myself from the beautiful tragedy that is Sam and Dean cast as Butch and the Kid. They're not forced into the roles - they are every inch Sam'n'Dean, a combo I have been yearning for this last season. They're perfect. They're dusty and smell of saddle leather and every moment is bursting with emotions that can't be said and fears that can't be mentioned and it's so achingly, bruisingly perfect. I cannot recommend this enough.

To keep with the AU theme, Into His Hand by [livejournal.com profile] drvsilla also has dusty cowboys, but these ones are a wee bit more modern: they bullride. It's origific disguised as RPS and a strange combination of utterly fun and totally heartbreaking. I love their interactions, particularly as they try to figure out what on earth their relationship is. Nothing about this story is stereotypical. It's earthy and understated and dangerous. I love it.

Lastly (for today) is Keepsake by [livejournal.com profile] indysaur. J2 ala Wall-E, but also totally different. I am really not sure there is a way to rec this without spoiling it. Instead I will quote a bit from the beginning.
Everything is very quiet. There is no wind. It is 42 degrees Fahrenheit here. The lake stretches and spills out in front of him, glassy blue.
Maybe this time. Jared stares at his reflection. He traces the scar along his right side with his left hand.
"Hello," he says.
The trees come right up to the shore. He can hear the water lap quietly at their trunks.
He leans forward. He touches his fingers to the water. He stays there, fingertip to fingertip with the man in the lake. Until he can't feel them anymore.
"Hello," he says. A little louder. It’s really been a long time.



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