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WHOOPS I forgot to post yesterday! I will post again later today. And then I believe that's the end~ I'm down to 10 active stories after this, which is still a LOT but also a huge relief. I think a couple of them are almost done, too...

WIP: NCIS/Supernatural Dean/Gibbs. You read that right.

This is ROUGH. It is the very, very beginnings of an idea. You can tell because I changed tenses between scenes, and also there are some INSERT NAME/RANK HERE bits because I hadn't finished plotting out the case they're working on. Also it's missing 99% of the story: I have the two opening scenes and then, wtf, the end of a sex scene right at the end of the story.

That's right. Dean/Gibbs. I was serious.

I am honestly kinda feeling weird about posting something with a sex scene involving humans. )
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Oho, what's this, a post? A fic? Something with robot porn? Oh yes. Just a wee ficlet by [personal profile] spacehussy and myself. It's built off of an unposted fic but you don't need to know that. All you need to know is that Skyfire is with Starscream, and Starscream is with his trine, and there is such a thing as robot sexy times.

Okay let's get a proper header up in here...

Authors: [personal profile] spacehussy and [personal profile] swordage (IT'S NOT AN RP I SWEAR)
Series: generic G1 Transformers
Rating: R (sticky robot sex)
Summary: Skyfire and Starscream introduce a new element to their love life: FANTASY. *jazz hands*

( He didn't need fantasy to be aroused by Starscream. )



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