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Pell told me to write a fic about Bob. This happened. I died of cute at least ten times. I JUST REALLY LOVE BOB OKAY?!

Title: BABBU (aka idk how to title anything)
Rating: G
Series: Transformers (IDW)
Wordcount: 400ish

The Insecticon cringes, cornered, but Sunstreaker doesn't shoot. )
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Goodness gracious it's been ages since I last posted any fic. That happens when I get horribly depressed, though. I'm on meds and stabilizing now, so maybe writing will happen again soon. In the meantime have a little thing I wrote about Dylan Gould. I didn't much care for him the first time I saw DotM, but then I realized that he's the Decepticon version of Daniel. He grew up with Uncle Soundwave and Uncle Laserbeak. His motivations in the movie make total sense when you realize that it isn't about glory or power, it's about family. A very twisted, horrible kind of family, but family. Poor dear.

Series: Transformers (Dark of the Moon)
Rating: G
Warnings: none
Words: 160

"Good night, moon." )
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So I've been writing chatfic now and then, which is kinda awesome. So, have some Skyfire/Starscream I guess? I am told it is a "wee tiny gem of beautiful" endquote.


Once upon a time... )


oh wait there's a second story )
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Oh my god, what's this? Some more things from that 100 prompts set? Why, it is! Actual productivity! How did this even happen, I have no idea. Some of them are pretty substantial though.

12. Beautiful (Sunstreaker): G, G1

Read more... )

14. Children (Wheeljack and Dinobots): G, G1

Read more... )

26. Formal (Optimus and Megatron): G, Movieverse pre-war

Read more... )

34. Sunlight (Scorponok): PG, Movieverse

Read more... )

88. Finally (Dinobot and Rattrap): PG, Beast Wars season 1

Read more... )
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Title: Look Out on a Summer's Day
Series: Transformers movies
Rating: G
Wordcount: 485
Summary: Just a simple quiet evening as summer peters out, comfortable and easy. Sam, Mikaela, and Bumblebee.

The overlook was quiet as the last warm light tipped trees and clouds alike with gold. )
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WIP: Transformers/Iron Man, Sideswipe/Jarvis (nonsexual GASP HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE)

This one came from some excited babbling with [personal profile] blue_soaring and - I love the idea, I do! That's why I started writing it! But the story fell apart and it was taking too long and I don't have the patience to figure out what it wants to be, especially since I've kinda moved away from my fascination with Iron Man. Sigh. I still want to see Jarvis getting it on with a Cybertronian, though - and I really did want to touch on the idea that, being an artificially-built rather than inherit/sparked intelligence (and thus possibly not alive or an independent being to the Cybertronians, which is an extra level of irony because of the human debate over whether the Cybertronians are alive and sentient), Jarvis' ability to consent to a relationship is called into question. Anyway. Let me show you what I had written.

Oh, also? This is the story that put "I hear you've been around the parking lot a few times" into my vocabulary. It never ceases to make me laugh hysterically.

So basically Tony needs a ride (he has two tickets to that thing you love), Sideswipe seduces Jarvis with his stunning intellect, Tony fails to realize that they've adopted Dummy as their illegitimate love child, and Optimus Prime is not entirely sure he approves of this but believes in Love Conquers All or something, though I never wrote that last scene. Also I am not sure about how I wrote Pepper but wanted to include her because 1. she's awesome and 2. I am trying to stop erasing women from my fic. LONGEST CUT TEXT EVER )

Huh. Fic.

Jul. 13th, 2010 11:39 pm
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Soooo I was sitting around going DOOT DOOT DOOT and I wrote a thing. A dream-thing! A fic-thing. I honestly don't know if anyone wants to read such a thing but it's here if you want it. I usually get annoyed at such disclaimers but I'm not saying it sucks, I'm saying stories wherein all that happens is a character dreams tend to annoy me so I'm not sure why I wrote this. ANYWAY.

Series: Transformers G1
Wordcount: 407
Rating: G
Summary: For millions of years, Skyfire dreamed.

He saw the infinite spiraling towers of Vos. )
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I yet live! Writing is happening! Unfortunately, all the writing happening is EPIC DRAMA ACTION ROMANCE STUFF. So it's taking forever. I hope it is worth it. But! There are neat things going on! Let me tell you about them!

[personal profile] spacehussy and I are kind of sort of cowriting, which is a new thing for both of us! It just kind of happened without any intention from us, but it's working amazingly well. Basically, we both go OMG I LOVE THAT, WRITE MORE at each other a lot. And then she does REALLY SNEAKY THINGS like writing for our Skyfire/Starscream/Skywarp/Thundercracker pre-war thing FROM THE WRONG POV. ON PURPOSE. Darling! This is not acceptable! I AM VERY DISAPPOINT. >:( See how disappoint I am.

But what this means for you, darling readers, is that 1. she is too ashamed to post adorable tooth-rotting Skywarp/Thundercracker cuddles herself, and 2. she gave me permission to post them here, and 3. it's sufficiently standalone and can't be worked into the main story because of the ON-PURPOSE POV ERROR. >:( So...

Title: Untitled Seeker Cuddles
Author: [personal profile] spacehussy
Series: pre-war G1-ish Transformers
Rating: G
Note: This is our play-storyline, in which the robots are fairly humanized, or at least strongly drawing from human nature and sexuality. There is a lot of handwaving about things like why they are lying on a berth for sleepytimes. Also, [personal profile] spacehussy will be reading comments here (or at the very least I will relay them, as she is amazingly shy about having written fluff) so please feel free to comment!
Summary: Skywarp and Thundercracker being unbearably cute as they cuddle. And discussion of Starscream's strange relationship with Skyfire. Did I mention cuddles? There are cuddles. And nibbles.

me: I want to post it.
ahahahahahaha honestly hon, anything I write for you is fair game
me: you are glorious <3
spacehussy: It's not like I'm worried anyone will confuse my writing for yours. Yours is the good stuff >:3
me: pfffft

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I'm so excited, everyone! I can barely type I'm so excited! Why am I so excited? Because Sejr is a wonderful person and kindly translated my little Transformers drabble into Russian! Oh my gosh so exciting!

Долг (Duty Born Of)
Автор: Swordage
Переводчик: Sejr

Существуют разные виды долга. )


Sep. 15th, 2009 12:27 pm
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I don't think I've ever done a 100-word drabble before. P.S. This is terrible, I'm just trying to encourage myself to write something more substantial for Transformers. Or to write at all, really.

Title: Duty Born Of
Series: Transformers G1/TFA/whatever
Rating: G
Wordcount: 100

Duty Born Of )
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For Ally. <3 We truly are Secret Twins. It is even secret from us! INDEED.

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I read a line in someone else's fic recently. The story was about something else, but the line was how beautiful and gentle Alphonse had been, playing with Nina in the snow.

Snowmen )
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Title: Evermore
Series: Final Fantasy VII
Rating: G
Summary: Final installment of the Eternity arc. Hope springs eternal.

1. Continuum 2. Perpetuity 3. Ubiquity 4. Evermore

Mid-winter in Midgar was a wet, grungy affair. )
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Title: Ubiquity
Series: FF7
Rating: G
Summary: Third installment of the Eternity arc.

1. Continuum 2. Perpetuity 3. Ubiquity 4. Evermore

It only took a dozen rewrites over three days to get this right. )
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Title: Perpetuity
Series: FF7
Rating: G
Summary: Second part of the Eternity arc. (Also, it's the January thaw and thus dark and dismal and rainy. I have issues with rain.)

1. Continuum 2. Perpetuity 3. Ubiquity 4. Evermore

The rain was soft on the roof. )
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Title: Continuum
Series: Final Fantasy VII
Rating: G
Summary: I like fics where everything turns out almost okay, alright? I admit it. I also blame it on Laylah, because she wrote the woobie fics where AC ends alright, and that made me want everything to work out. And I am unrepentant in my adoration of Sephiroth. First part of the Eternity arc.

1. Continuum 2. Perpetuity 3. Ubiquity 4. Evermore

He'll never know how they got him out of the Lifestream. )


Aug. 29th, 2005 02:12 pm
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I feel like starting a meme.

First lines are important - they draw the reader in and make promises about what the story will be like, what it will be about, and how it will be written. Write a first line for the character(s) of your choice.

He was a generous man - he had grasped a piece of his personal God, then cast his hands wide and shared it with the world.

The most erotic thing Greed had ever seen was a lady tugging off her opera gloves finger by finger until her daintily pale arm emerged, slim and perfect.

He was an actor above anything else, perfect in every glance and simper and step, but he hated every moment of the act and hated every breath in another body and hated how perfectly he did it all because she told him to.

He could never say no to something that bedraggled on his doorstep, although admittedly this time it was a person and not a cat - he could only hope he wouldn't be allergic to this one.

In the deep blue of night, when he dares to be alone, he thinks that maybe, just perhaps, he might be the only sane man in the military.

He can't help but wonder at the tattoos, at the sold weight of the bone and muscle they're attached to - he knows he shouldn't question, but he wonders anyhow.

FMA fic

Mar. 5th, 2005 10:06 am
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I seem to be well again, but the sudden creative burst the Nyquil apparently gave me has yet to wear off. Thank god I'm more coherent now. XD

Title: Feline
Series: FMA
Rating: G
Summary: Are pets allowed in the office? Probably not...

Rules don't stop Roy! )

1. Catnip
2. Feline
3. Coin's Mettle

FF7 fic

Feb. 18th, 2005 12:24 am
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Most of my FF7 fics are really too personal to post; they're rather a chronicle of my growth as a writer. This, however, is too good not to share. Please note that it's post-game, heedless of anything Advent Children may imply; this is not eye-candy. It is schmoop. XD This is my original fandom, and I do love it so. Hope you enjoy.

Title: Walking in the Air
Series: Final Fantasy VII
Rating: PG
Ramifications: Post-game hypothetical, with a great many coincidences left unexplained.
Summary: They've made a family while they weren't looking, as is evidenced by a stormy evening.

Some things are not fragile. )
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I give into the sudden rush of lovely ficcage that is Valentine's Day. Even though this is really more of an Easter piece. >_> It was supposed to be a drabble. I've gotten wordy in my old age. (Haha, old age!)

Title: Observance
Series: FMA
Rating: G
Ramifications: Spoilers for, um, 41-43? I forget. OMG SCAR FIC.
Summary: In Lior, Ed learns of Ishvalla.

That which is above is like to that which is below. )



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