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So I've been writing chatfic now and then, which is kinda awesome. So, have some Skyfire/Starscream I guess? I am told it is a "wee tiny gem of beautiful" endquote.


Once upon a time, there was a beautiful land called Vos. Its crystal towers sang with the touch of the stars, and its people were mischievous and clever. The cleverest of them all was named Starscream.

Starscream would fly between the crystal spires and think of things that only he could think of, but he was lonely. He was cleverer than the others, but that made them jealous. They pushed him away and never flew with him, but he could watch them fly together without him. That made him feel bad so he told himself he was better off without anyone to fly with him.

But one day, when he was flying and thinking of things that only he could think of, someone began to fly alongside him. At first he thought it was a mistake, so he ignored them. Then he realized they were following him! So he swooped and dove to make them go away, but they followed wherever he flew. Starscream couldn't think of what else to do - but wait! Starscream could think of things that no one else could think of! So he told them some of these things so that they'd be jealous.

But when he told them the things that only he could think of, they weren't jealous. No matter how clever Starscream was, this person would only smile and admire him, and sometimes they would say clever things right back that made Starscream think of even more clever things. And slowly, Starscream realized that he liked thinking clever things with this person. He realized that if this person went away, he'd be sad and miss flying with them.

So Starscream told them, "I don't hate you."

And Skyfire smiled and said, "I love you too."


Once upon a time, there was a prince named Starscream who lived in the tallest tower of the land. He had many suitors, but he turned them all away one by one. "This tower has no doors," he said, "you cannot enter."

But one suitor would not be dissuaded. "I have wings to fly," he said, "I can climb in your window and we can watch the stars through it."

"There are no windows," Starscream said. "You cannot climb in through them."

"I can land on the roof and pry up the shingles," his suitor said. "We can sit together and laugh at the wind."

"There is no roof," Starscream said. "You cannot land upon it."

"Well then," his suitor said, "I can come over the walls of your tower, and we can dance together in the moonlight."

"There are no walls," Starscream said. "You cannot climb over them."

"This seems terribly difficult," his suitor said. "Your tower has no door, no windows, no roof, and no walls. I suppose I will just sit here, then."

"Yes, stay right there," Starscream told him, and they sat beside each other in the wide-open space under the sky for a very long time.
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