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I have no idea how many years ago I started this. A lot. About five, I think? I've poked at it off and on for most of that time. It's... Well. You can tell. The first half actually got posted as its own story, but since I just kinda kept writing, I'll repost the whole thing here. It'll always have a special fond place in my heart - and in hindsight, it was pretty clearly my thing for nonhumans popping up. Huh. Also this is so, so AU. Let's see, can I add any more caveats that will make people want to avoid it like the plague...? XD I do like it though. I want other people to like it, deep down under its outer layers of shitty writing and worse plotting. I want to sit by the waterfall and croak with the bullfrogs, you know? Yeah. Anyway. SO NOSTALGIC~

WIP: Naruto, Gaara/Sasuke/Naruto (nonsexual)
Working title: Monsters

This is over 6000 words. Whoa. )
swordage: Sasuke intimidating Naruto with his bare chest. (x narutoxsasuke)
Title: Messed Up
Series: Naruto
Rating: PG-13
Notes: For [insanejournal.com profile] kytyngurl2. Present tense, with my apologies.
Request: SasuNaru. Comparisons of their childhood and past. Understanding. Slightly fluffy!angsty

No such thing as starting over. )


Title: Sharp as Steel
Series: FMA
Rating: PG-13
Notes: For [livejournal.com profile] ponderosa121. First-person present tense (oh my god I am so sorry).
Request: Unabashed evilness; Ishvar-era death, destruction, and mayhem. "Knives out."

The soldiers are starting to get anxious. )



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