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Title: Ubiquity
Series: FF7
Rating: G
Summary: Third installment of the Eternity arc.

1. Continuum 2. Perpetuity 3. Ubiquity 4. Evermore

Tifa buttons Sephiroth's shirt slowly, letting him rest his hands over hers to feel how it's done. The rising sun falls across his face this morning, and he turns toward it with a little smile, forgetting what his hands are doing; she laughs softly and pats his cheek to get his attention, smiling up at his embarrassed frown. The pink-tinted light falls across his eyes, making his pupils flutter like buterflies. Tifa gets his sunglasses from the table - it's good to see him reacting to light, but it probably isn't good to overdo it. She smiles to herself as she helps him slide them on. These were Cloud's until she borrowed them. He's mysteriously produced another pair since, of course, but it's strange to look at Sephiroth wearing Cid's shirt and Vincent's pants and Cloud's sunglasses. Innocuous is the word she thinks of. Ordinary. She gets out the brush and gently pulls his damp hair from behind his back.

"I was thinking of cutting your hair," she tells him. There's a slight tilt of his head at that. "I wanted to know what you thought of it. I think it's longer than you used to keep it, and it's awfully heavy. I don't know how you hold your head up when it's wet. So I was thinking of cutting it maybe..." She presses the edge of her hand just above his shoulderblades. "Here. It'd be different, hm?"

She waits for his response, patiently brushing. She doesn't mention all the other reasons for cutting it - it would make life easier for all of them, really. Less to wash, to brush, to yank accidentally. So it comes as a surprise when he shakes his head, slow and careful not to pull against the brush.

"No? All right, it was just a-" She cuts herself off as he raises a hand, touching his fingers just below his ear. His hand drops after a moment, and she carefully pulls the brush from his hair.

"That short?" she asks quietly, and he nods. "Are you sure? It would take years to -"

"Tifa." Cloud stands in the doorway, twin blades peering around his shoulders at the tableu. "He's sure."

"...All right." She hands Cloud the brush as she goes to get the scissors; he looks startled enough to make her laugh. When she looks over her shoulder, he's a step closer to Sephiroth. That's as it should be, perhaps. She's already thinking of how different Sephiroth will look, how like Kadaj, what they'll do with the hair - but she suspects she'll never know the answer to that one, and it's just as well. It pains her to think of burning that thick silver rope, so many years of experience and care disappearing into the smoke.

But then, that's reason enough to do it.


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Date: 2006-01-28 10:04 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] empty-geas.livejournal.com
I love the imagery in this. The way his pupils react to the light, the stolen sunglasses that Cloud just calmly finds another pair of and it's a pair that look just alike. The way Sephiroth is piecing back together with bit's taken from/provided by the ones who fought against him. And I like the choice of a length that will make him look like Kadaj, it's a nice little ironic reversal.


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