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WIP: Transformers/Iron Man, Sideswipe/Jarvis (nonsexual GASP HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE)

This one came from some excited babbling with [personal profile] blue_soaring and - I love the idea, I do! That's why I started writing it! But the story fell apart and it was taking too long and I don't have the patience to figure out what it wants to be, especially since I've kinda moved away from my fascination with Iron Man. Sigh. I still want to see Jarvis getting it on with a Cybertronian, though - and I really did want to touch on the idea that, being an artificially-built rather than inherit/sparked intelligence (and thus possibly not alive or an independent being to the Cybertronians, which is an extra level of irony because of the human debate over whether the Cybertronians are alive and sentient), Jarvis' ability to consent to a relationship is called into question. Anyway. Let me show you what I had written.

Oh, also? This is the story that put "I hear you've been around the parking lot a few times" into my vocabulary. It never ceases to make me laugh hysterically.


Optimus answered his comm with some trepidation. Tony Stark gave him a processor-ache on the best days.

"I need a ride to that thing tonight," Tony said in that rapid, distracted way that meant he was probably doing something very illegal to international airspace. "Know anyone who might be interested in sitting around looking pretty?"

"You have several vehicles which are all quite attractive," Optimus said sternly.

Tony paused, attention caught. "Attractive as in 'hey cool car bro' or attractive as in 'check out the tailpipe on that-'"

"I am not lending out anyone," Optimus interrupted.

"My cars are all in the shop," Tony said smoothly. "I'm not asking to trade anyone like a deck of cards, I'm asking if anyone is interested in giving me a lift."

Optimus pressed against his forehead, just over his extremely taxed contextual processor.

"...I was thinking Sideswipe," Tony ventured. "He's pretty sexy. In a 'hey cool car bro' way. The way that gets me laid."

"Ah," Optimus said. "That can be arranged."

"I thought you didn't lend out Autobots to millionaire playboys?"

"I don't. I do, however, enjoy getting Sideswipe off the base now and then. He painted Ratchet in his recharge last night."

"I'll be over around ten," Tony said, his amusement clear. "Hide the brushes next time."

"He used White-Out."

Tony hung up, but not before the bark of his genuine laughter carried over the line.


"Stop trying to drive me," Sideswipe snapped. "I know how to drive myself thank you very much."

"It's habit," Tony said defensively. "Should I just sit here with my thumbs up my ass? Sorry officer, my hands weren't on the wheel while I was going one-eighty through a hairpin turn because my car is a big boy who can drive himself."

"I am never bringing you anywhere again," Sideswipe announced. He took the turn into Tony's driveway (overriding the security gate just because he could) a little too sharply, pulling the seatbelt a little tighter to keep Tony from hitting his head on the window. Annoyed he might be, but humans were just so fragile it wasn't worth the momentary satisfaction. "I'll buy you a little pedal-car for Christmas and you can make engine noises as you zoom around your office."

"Aw, that's sweet, I'll have Pepper put you on the Christmas card mailing list," Tony grumbled. "Maybe I'll send you an air freshener. Do you prefer citrus or mint? I'd get you that new car smell but from what I hear you've been around the parking lot a few times."

"That was so funny," Sideswipe muttered. "Absolutely hilarious. I think my side panels might fall off from laughing so hard."

"You should look into less shoddy construction," Tony replied. He'd finally taken his hands off the wheel, tapping idly against Sideswipe's interior. "I can whip something up for you. You like red? We'll match, it'll be cute. I'll even get an 'I'm with stupid' bumper sticker for you."

"I'll pass." Sideswipe pulled into the garage, finally. "Nice driveway, by the way. Good long stretch. You could pick up some speed on that."

"The Porsche hits 120 on the way out," Tony offered, reaching for his seatbelt.

Sideswipe locked his doors. "Then why," he asked sweetly, "were you an hour late?"

Tony held carefully still. "Was I late? I didn't think I was that late. ...I might have gotten caught up in something."

"I'm not some floozy, Tony, you don't get to stand me up," Sideswipe snapped. His engine revved once, low rumbling snarl.

Something in the corner powered up with a high mechanical whine. The suit, half-disassembled, twisted to face them, both shoulders opening around a dozen tiny payloads.

"I strongly suggest you release Mr. Stark immediately," the room said evenly.

"And who is this?" Sideswipe growled.

"Jarvis, this is entirely unnecessary," Tony said. "We're all adults here, we can work this out without artillery."

"My apologies, sir," Jarvis said. "You're absolutely right."

The floor splayed open beneath Sideswipe, forcing tires apart until Sideswipe shuddered and shifted. Tony yelled something incoherent, metal whirling around him, and everything tilted sideways and he was on the outside of Sideswipe, thank god, as the mech rose up on two wheels with an indignant bellow.

One wheel was clearly pinned between the floor panels, their mechanisms squealing and smoking with the effort of holding him, but the other foot was free - until caution-yellow arms unfolded and jabbed between Sideswipe's joints.

"If you're going to touch me there," Sideswipe said in something between a purr and a growl, "you had better be ready to deal with the consequences."

The arms hesitated, rivet guns ceasing their anxious whirr.

"You're both grounded," Tony said. Sideswipe jerked to his full height, the very picture of offense. "Go to your room."

"What?" Sideswipe stared at him motionlessly. He was making a faint ticking sound. It sounded a lot like a hard drive mechanical failure.

"Sir, I hardly think that-"

"Ah-ah!" Tony stood and brushed himself off. "You're in time-out, Jarvis."

Jarvis' screens flickered with a sudden rush of information almost faster than the physical ability to refresh the image. Tony groaned.

"No passing notes," he added, and the screen sullenly flickered once more before returning to the desktop. "Good. Now, I'm going to go to sleep, because I'm the only organic life form in this room and it's four in the morning. You two are going to work out your differences. I don't want to hear a peep. Good? Fantastic." He headed for the stairs without actually waiting for an answer.

As the glass doors slid shut, he heard Jarvis ask Sideswipe, "Are you still functioning?" Tony laughed and took the stairs two at a time.

Two hours later he stumbled back down the stairs. He staggered over to the kitchenette and stabbed at the far-too-complicated-for-six-in-the-fucking-morning machine until it finally gave him one perfect cup. Leaning back against the counter, he surveyed the project layouts - the Audi could use a tuneup, and he'd been meaning to... huh.

"Sideswipe," Tony said dryly, "I'm going to start charging rent."

Sideswipe sat perfectly still next to Tony's cars, doing a very good impression of an inanimate object.

"Okay, fine," Tony sighed. Too early to deal with prissy cars, especially sentient ones. He settled at his workstation and brought up the suit's specs. "Jarvis, warm up the fabrication booth, might as well start on the new boosters."

The workshop stayed silent and unmoving. CAD was slow to load. Tony frowned. "Jarvis?"

"My apologies, sir," Jarvis said. "My processing power is currently occupied. One moment while I adjust task priorities."

"Occupied? With what?" Tony brought up Jarvis' task list. It lagged like hell, and he had a feeling not all of that was system slowdown. Sure enough, when it finally popped up, everything looked normal - the fabrication booth hummed to life right on cue. Tony stared at the screen for far too long, not quite sure if he was horrified or proud that Jarvis was hiding something from him.

"Jarvis," he said finally, "you can explain yourself or I can sudo it out of you."

"Sir?" Jarvis' voice was as bland and unassuming as ever, the same exact tone he used to say things like Sir this may hurt or Sir that combination of metals bears a strong resemblance to thermite or Sir perhaps the workbench is not the best location for sexual activities. Tony did not trust that voice.

"I rue the day I thought building an A.I. would be a good idea," Tony sighed, bringing up the changelog for the last few hours. "I swear you're developing the worst sense of humor I've ever..." He lost his train of thought, staring at the screen in horror. "Jarvis. You used six terabytes in the last two hours."

"Yes, sir," Jarvis said. There was a touch of uncertainty in his voice - and damnit, Tony had never programmed that in, but he'd heard it every time he was being particularly obscure in his wishes and he'd never gone in to curb it. It had been good for Jarvis to learn, to be more than a talking PDA. It was called artificial intelligence for a reason and Tony really should have seen this day coming. He should definitely have seen it when he met the sentient robots from outer space.

"Please tell me you two did something more productive than just flirting in those six terabytes," Tony said helplessly, thumping his head onto the desk. "Scratch that, don't tell me anything about what you did last night. I cannot believe my computer has a boyfriend."

"Neither of us are male," Jarvis offered oh-so-helpfully. "Although we are both equipped with male- and female-ended connectors-"

"Oh my god that does not help," Tony said quickly, "that does not help one bit and I definitely need more coffee to deal with this." On the far side of the room, Sideswipe chuckled. Tony was tempted to throw something at him. Preferably something explosive.

"I suggest not actually reading the six terabytes you're so upset about," Sideswipe said blandly, speaking through Jarvis' speakers in a whole new level of hell no.

"I am just learning all kinds of new things today," Tony said. "Okay, new rule: I want to know nothing about any of this. Just... tell me when you need more storage or something. Also no freakish robot babies."

"Agreed," Sideswipe said instantly, with the kind of enthusiasm that meant someone had just given him the best loophole ever, and it took Tony a moment to think back and see it himself.

"Oh god," he said, "I just gave you permission to date my A.I."

"You did indeed," Sideswipe purred.

"Ms. Potts will be displeased if you drink alcohol at this time of day," Jarvis interjected, reading Tony's mind as easily as ever.

Tony looked at his cup of still-hot coffee. All this madness before his first cup. That just wasn't right. Burying his face in his hands, he muttered, "I am going back to bed and when I get up again I will be able to deal with you two."

"Yes, sir," Jarvis said meekly. Sideswipe just laughed.


Pepper wished Tony would install an elevator. Stairs were easy enough as long as one wasn't carrying a PDA, three technical journals, two folders of notes from R&D, and a cup of espresso. In heels. And a skirt which her boss would be happy enough to look up given half the chance.

"Oh damn," she hissed under her breath as the journals made their slippery escape. Of course they spilled all across the steps, making it completely impossible to make her way down to get them. Twisting around, she let the PDA drop onto a higher stair, nudging the cup toward the edge of the folders without misplacing any of the papers.

The workshop door hissed open. "Need a hand?"

"Oh, yes please, that's very..." she trailed off as she turned back. A big, metal, three-fingered hand held open the door for Tony's old robotic claw-arm. "Kind of you," she finished, staring through the glass at luminous blue eyes.

"You must be Ms. Potts," it said. "Jarvis speaks very well of you."

"I see," Pepper said faintly. It didn't look much like Obadiah's suit but being surprised by a big metal person would never not give her flashbacks. "I'm sorry, I didn't realize Tony had guests."

"I'm visiting Jarvis, actually," it said. Tony's little robot pinched at the journals, trying to catch the thin, glossy pages in its claw.

"I hope I'm not interrupting," Pepper said, crouching a little to reach for the topmost journal. "If there's anything I can get you..."

"Let him get it," it said, and she was completely baffled for a moment until she realized - he meant the robot. The other robot. Her moment of hesitation had been enough for it to finally grasp one of the journals by the thicker binding. It offered it up to her with a distinctly pleased-sounding whirr.

"Thank you," Pepper told it, not entirely sure if she was being silly or not - Tony never specified exactly how much awareness his creations had.

"Good boy, dummy," the big robot added.

"Isn't it a little odd to, ah..."

"To praise him and call him names at the same time? Yes. Tony named him, not me," it said disgustedly. "We're working on Dummy's fine motor control. He has the capabilities, he just needs more practice."

It held up a second journal, having gone for the binding straight away this time. She accepted it with another quiet thanks - she could see what it meant about practice. "It... He's a very fast learner."

"He wants to be helpful. It's kind of his purpose in life," the big one said wryly. "I'm Sideswipe, by the way."

"Pleased to meet you," Pepper said automatically, taking the last proffered journal. "And thank you both for your assistance."

"It's our pleasure," Sideswipe said, his face-plates shifting in something a little like a smile. "Coming in?"

"Ah, yes, I am," she said, shifting around the journals and folders in a vague attempt at finding a less perilous arrangement. "Actually - Dummy, could you get the cup for me?"

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Date: 2010-08-18 04:46 pm (UTC)
sharpest_asp: Nate Ford sitting on a bench, Sophie Devereaux resting against his lap (Default)
From: [personal profile] sharpest_asp
+dies laughing+

Oh that was wonderful, and this from someone who typically steers clear of Movie IronMan.

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Date: 2010-08-18 06:38 pm (UTC)
okamioujou: Iron Man icon (One of Those Days)
From: [personal profile] okamioujou
Oh, the awesomeness! I really enjoyed it. Thank you for sharing! <333

>> I really did want to touch on the idea that, being an artificially-built rather than inherit/sparked intelligence (...), Jarvis' ability to consent to a relationship is called into question.

Depends on the verse, I think. The second movie dehumanized Jarvis greatly and presented him as basically a humor relief and a hapless sidekick that Tony keeps ignoring (which is one of the many reasons why I don't accept it as my personal canon ;) ).
The movie novelizations, however, strongly imply that Jarvis grows sentient (and Tony treats him as one). He's creative, shows emotions, makes decisions on his own and visibly takes pleasure in pranking his creator. He's fiercely loyal, though - at one moment it's implied that if Jarvis was to chose between increasing chances of Tony's survival and saving Pepper, Pepper would be SOL.

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Date: 2010-08-19 06:07 pm (UTC)
okamioujou: Iron Man icon (Not As Gay)
From: [personal profile] okamioujou
>I haven't actually seen the second movie, but that makes me want to see it less. I admit it, I love the first one for Jarvis more than anything else. XD

Me too, actually. XD

As for Iron Man 2 the movie... Well, I know some people who enjoyed it. Personally, I was somewhat disappointed. Unfortunately for me, all the stuff I enjoyed in the 1st movie was absent, and a lot of things I personally dislike were thrown in. Tony turned from a badass genius into a weepy baby that needs its diapers changed (after a certain party scene - literally...). Pepper - into a jealous, squeaky damsel in distress. Jarvis - sort of wasn't there. Rhodey - well, that's at least one character that remained interesting, perhaps thanks to Don Cheadle, who IMHO did the best job of all the actors. Ivan - I loved him in the novel, but his character was somewhat caricatured in the movie.

What really put me off was changing the characterization of some characters and some plot elements 180% in comparison to the novel (which was written based on the original script). And IMHO the novel was great and much more consistent with the 1st movie. What's the point of changing something that works?

> So then the question is: is he self-aware enough to give informed consent? And from there: can anyone other than Jarvis determine how sentient he is? But if he potentially can't give informed consent, can he decide whether he can give informed consent? It's thorny. It's definitely not something I could give a definitive answer to, but it's something that I really, really enjoy pondering.

So do I - actually, I wish my English enough to write a decent Jarvis fic. One of the fun thing about the novels is the fact that Tony seems to ponder a similar question: just how much of a person has Jarvis become?
Even the pronouns Tony uses to describe Jarvis change: at first it's "it", then: "Jarvis was acting as if he - it - he - knew better what was going through Tony's mind than Tony did" then it's "he" all the time.

Interestingly enough, even when Tony's not quite sure of how much of a real person Jarvis is, he treats him as one. Tony's almost strangely polite at times, and never really orders Jarvis around, unless Jarvis spooks him out by seeming to read Tony's mind. Even then, it's "Jarvis! Figure out Rhodey's OS. What do I pay you for?" which seems to me as something one would say to a living person rather than to an Artificial Intelligence. (I wonder if Jarvis is really getting paid for his services?)
Perhaps the only time when Tony says to Jarvis something that reveals that Jarvis is not a person of flesh and blood is: "We're going to draw a lot of power, Jarvis. (...) Let me know if you feel a little logey."

> can anyone other than Jarvis determine how sentient he is?

I can't not mention this quote (context: Tony is tooting his own horn and Jarvis is Unimpressed):

"And here I was thinking you had a sense of humor," Tony said. "Those two," he added, pointing at You and Dummy, "are more keenly attuned to my humorous stylings than you are, and they're not even sentient."
"There may be a connection there," Jarvis observed.


Sorry for babbling so much! And don't worry about the icon. If anything, I need an icon: THE ONE THAT JUST CAN'T SHUT UP. ;)

Once again, thank you for sharing the fic! <333

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Date: 2010-08-21 06:55 pm (UTC)
okamioujou: Iron Man icon (One of Those Days)
From: [personal profile] okamioujou
> It sounds like Tony started out treating Jarvis like a person half for the irony and half for the convenience, because if he is talking with someone he can't NOT snark, and Jarvis kind of grew into actually BEING a person, and when Tony realized that it was a bit startling.

My personal theory is that Tony actually created Jarvis to have someone to talk with.. :O

The first novel is interesting in that the plot is almost exactly the same as in the movie (except the novel is longer), but we get to see the characters' thoughts, which sometimes show the characters' action in entirely different light.

Tony in the novel seems much more... lonely. He's insanely charismatic and people can't help but swoon over him, but Tony himself seems thoroughly bored and disillusioned with the world in general and humanity in particular. Plus, he Fails Human Empathy Forever, can say atrocious things just to provoke reactions out of people ("to feel alive", in Tony's words) and whenever he's away from his workshop he falls into the lap of hedonism. He's a right bastard on the surface (with some random moments of sweet, i.e. promising Happy that as long as he lives he will never be without a job after Happy saved Tony's life), but underneath it all there are Daddy Issues, emotional insecurity, alienation and budding paranoia. I loved that even before Tony becomes Iron Man he is described as someone who constantly hides behind an impenetrable "armor" of indifference and faked emotions.

He also seems very emotionally guarded. When he returns from Afghanistan and Happy and Pepper drive him home he talks shortly with Pepper:
"No," said Stark. He spoke more forcefully than (Pepper) would have expected (...). "I was just held captive for three months. There are two things that I want. I want an American cheeseburger and I want-"
"A hot blonde?" said Pepper. When he looked at her with a smile, she continued, "You thinking about how well I know you?"
"Actually, I was thinking about how well you knew me. Past tense. The second thing I want is press conference."
"Yes." (...)

The press conference arranged, Tony grows silent, avoids eye contact, looks outside the window. In Pepper's words: "He said nothing, gave no sign of what was going through his mind."

This is a recurring description, by the way. It will be repeated a few times that normal people, even Rhodey and Pepper, totally have no idea what's going on in Tony's head.

And then Jarvis appears. I quoted the whole scene (+my commentary) here:

What I find interesting is this snippet:

"Upgrade recommendations. List," he said as flatly as he could.

The shift in tone was not lost upon Jarvis. "Why are you talking to me like a computer?" Jarvis didn't sound hurt; merely curious.

"Because you're acting like one."

Jarvis contemplated that for a long time - which, by Jarvis's standards, was three seconds - and then asked politely, "Shall I disable random pattern conversation?"

"No. It's okay." Tony smiled, but the smile was tinged with regret. He thought about the family that he had told Yinsen he didn't have, and the family that Yinsen had but would never see again. The world seemed lonelier to him.

“You're the only one who understands me.”

“I don't understand you, sir.”

Tony looked up as if Jarvis were standing directly in front of him. “Were you always this dry? I remember you having more personality than this.”

“Should I activate sarcasm harmonics?” said Jarvis, always designed to please.

“Fine. Could you make your recommendations now?”

Jarvis's accent changed, going from polished East End to a resident of Liverpool. “It would thrill me to no end.”

“And that's more like it.”

I find ironic the fact that this is probably the first time Jarvis displays his own personality and emotions - yet Tony fails empathy to such an extent that he can see only that Jarvis acts differently and too "computer-like" for him. At that point, IMHO, Tony feels a bit betrayed / disappointed - he wants to have someone who can understand him, but he mistakenly interprets Jarvis's words as a proof that he's just a machine and can't really understand Tony.[*]

What struck me in this scene is how much more emotionally open Tony is to Jarvis than he is to anyone else. This, as well as the fact that Jarvis is encouraged to be an entertaining conversationalist (even being able to use more than one accent) makes me think that Tony created Jarvis simply to have someone of matching intelligence to talk to.

[*]Things will slowly change - one of the Crowning Moments of Heartwarming is a scene in the second novel where Jarvis asks an illogical question (illogical, because Jarvis knows the answer already and Tony knows that Jarvis knows it) and Tony correctly interprets it as an act of politeness and care - and is grateful to Jarvis.

And then there are quotes about Tony and his workshop:
The first time that Pepper Potts had entered Tony Stark's massive workshop, she had felt as if she were walking into a real-world representation of the inside of Stark's head. [Pepper's POV]
Someone once said that time was what kept everything from happening at once. Pepper had decided that Stark's workshop was the place that time forgot, because every moment of Stark's life seemed to be unfolding simultaneously in that one space. It was nothing short of miraculous that he was able to keep it all straight. [Pepper's POV]
She remembered having likened the workshop to a physical representation of Tony Stark's mind. Since his return, the workshop had become dark and foreboding. The symbolic parallels were not lost on her. [Pepper's POV]
The moment he got home he went straight to his workshop, throwing himself into it for solace. No, not just for solace: for protection. It was like return to the womb for him, the only place in the world where he felt totally safe. [Tony's POV, after Obadiah upset him @ the charity gala]

In needs to be mentioned that the workshop = a bunch of machinery under Jarvis's control. His mainframe is located there, and this is where Jarvis's 'mind' resides (he just uploads his subroutines onto the devices/vehicles he's controlling and connects to them via Internet).
The last paragraph sort of speaks volumes about Tony's personality. When he needs solace, people are not his first choice. He even left Pepper waiting for him on the roof, having totally forgotten about her existence. At the beginning of the second novel he grows even more paranoid, forbidding Jarvis to talk to people who don't know about his existence and carrying Jarvis-enabled laptop or PDA everywhere with him.

He gets a bit better towards the end of the book, deciding to trust his friends more and stop hiding away from the real world. I wish the same author could be allowed to write the third book without retconning the second to match the movie... There are a LOT of issues that I would love Irvine to write about. However, if they ret-con it into the movieverse: "La, la, la! I have no issues with human contact, I was just very poisoned! But some sexin' with a virgin cured me and now I'm OK! And BTW alcohol and parties are so COOL!" I'll /so/ sending some rotten eggs to the Favreau team. XD

> The suit is possibly the first time he's had a bodied form that can move around

It might be the second. When Tony flies to Afghanistan, his private jet is controlled by an AI. As the chapter is written from Rhodey's POV, it is not clearly started if Jarvis is the one to pilot the jet. However, there's no other AI 1/10 as advanced as Jarvis in the novels, so I assume he's the one to pilot it. Especially since in the opening of the second novel Jarvis pilots a C-17, complete with a mobile Iron Man laboratory. It is said that the plave is "for all purposes, a drone".

> I refuse to believe that Tony can move all that metal himself, it has to be powered, so technically Jarvis could take control of it since, you know, he moves it around anyway.

You are right!
The Iron Man armors have a system of computer-controlled muscles built into it. The on-deck computer "reads" Tony's movements and makes the IM armor move according to Tony's wishes.
Technically, Jarvis isn't necessary to pilot the armor. Tony takes him for the ride because the armor wasn't tested properly.
"Sir, the suit has not even passed a basic wind—tunnel test."
Tony Stark, the living crash-test dummy.
"That’s why you’re coming with me. Load yourself into the HUD."

He keeps taking Jarvis with him nearly every time after that, because Jarvis proves quite useful

And yes, in the novels Jarvis technically can take control over the armor. He suggests it to Tony once:
The onboard GPS aided Tony in making it back to his estate, which was a bit more of a chore than he would have expected. Then again, he wasn’t exactly accustomed to finding his way home while a thousand feet in the air. He angled himself around so that he was standing and descended toward the workshop driveway. Some stiff wind gusts and a few sputters from the armor; however, were making it difficult for him to hold the stance. He started drifting off course.
"Shall I take over?” said Jarvis.
“No, I got it. I got it--"
As it turned out, he didn’t have it. He closed the distance between himself and the ground faster than he thought he would, and as a result punched right through the roof of his mansion. He tried to reverse course but failed to do so. Instead he kept going, smashing through the foyer ceiling in his living room, down through the floor, and continued into the workshop where he smashed into the Shelby Cobra that was parked next to the wrecked Saleen.

Also, he oshuts down the armor while Tony is inside, and takes the contol over the Iron Man armor without Tony's knowledge to slow him armor down.

There's also one detail in the second novel that I find curious... As a general rule Tony's suits have no arc reactor built in - they are powered by Tony's AR. However, for some reason, Tony equips Mark II with its own Arc Reactor. What for? It is of no use to Tony and Tony's EXTREMELY unwilling to let anyone else use his Iron man armors.
I thought that maybe he wanted Rhodey to have the suit in case Tony died, but it makes no sense that Tony would chose to give Rhodey Mark II. By that time Tony was using Mark IV - Mark II was outdated, incapable of flight at high altitude and not energy-efficient.

Perhaps Tony intended Jarvis to use Mark II..? It is purely my fan-ish theory, but sort of makes sense. And there's a moment in the 2nd novel where Jarvis REALLY could use a body, sadly, by that time Mark II got stolen by a person whom Tony trusted.

> I am plotting how to lure you into Transformers fandom.

I do enjoy Transformers! <3 Sadly, I'm terribly busy right now (and will continue to be until I graduate and hopefully get a job; probably in 2-3 months). I'm only somewhat active in the Marvel comics fandom. Mostly at #TonyJarvis, because I happen to be an admin there. ^^'

BTW, Alexander Irvine (the author of the second Iron Man novel) also wrote Transformers: Exodus: The Official History of the War for Cybertron. I'm going to buy it (as well as Have Robot, Will Travel and The Ultimates: Against All Enemies), so there's a possibility I'll be motivated to produce some fanworks. ;)

Actually, I started drawing 2 pics featuring Transformers some time ago (one with Tony and car!Bumblebee, one with plane!Jarvis and Starscream). They are a real pain to finish. XD I'll post them on my DA page sometime in the future!

Uhm, once again sorry for babbling so much! Once I start typing, I can't stop; I think it's a medical condition. :X

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Date: 2010-08-27 02:22 pm (UTC)
okamioujou: Iron Man icon (One of Those Days)
From: [personal profile] okamioujou
> Your babble is WONDERFUL and I love it and it's so thought-provoking and I've been so utterly preoccupied that I haven't been able to respond to it properly yet (...).

No problem! I know that real life can be quite time-consuming - I'm in the same situation right now. :)
And I must apologize for my messy writing! I wrote the previous post while I was half-asleep. I really should have re-read it before posting. ^^'

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Date: 2010-08-19 03:09 am (UTC)
blue_soaring: (tony // stark approval)
From: [personal profile] blue_soaring

\o/ zomg.

Okay, so, I finally wrote that Tony-uploads-Jarvis-into-his-brain, and now I have to fix it up and post it just for you because you are amazing holy crap. *_*


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