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Hey all, most of you probably know the lovely [livejournal.com profile] spacehussy because I kind of talk about her all the time and she's to blame for everything I write, basically. XD She also draws adorable robots and writes and is basically a stellar person and fan. She's my darling twin and I love her to bits. And she's in a pickle, if by "pickle" one means "needs surgery to regain pain-free use of her hand."

Insurance and disability are not going to cover the time she has to take off work for recovery, nor the entire procedure. If she can't get that income, she can't pay rent. Her savings were eaten up when she took in another good friend who was getting out of a bad place. So that's where fandom comes in, because we take care of our own, dangit.

Save the Spacehussy! She feels awful having to ask for help (which is why I'm the one writing this rather than her) but she needs peace of mind to recover. She needs to not be worrying about keeping a roof over her head. So please, anything you can give will be greatly appreciated. Not just by Spacehussy, but by all of us who adore her. ♥ Thank you.

BELATED UPDATE: The goal was met, she had the surgery and it went well and she is recovered! Thank you all so, so much.


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