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Date: 2011-12-29 08:39 pm (UTC)
swordage: Optimus Prime with text: I like big bots and I cannot lie (tf I like big bots)
From: [personal profile] swordage
Name: Swordage
You might also know me as: Lex
I like the TF series: G1, TFA, TFP, BW, Bay movies, and I'm slowly getting into Armada (JETFIRE BE MY HUSBAND)
I'm also into: Brave Police J-Decker
Some of my favorite characters are: Shockwave in all canons, TFP Soundwave, G1 Wheeljack, G1 and IDW Sunstreaker, IDW Bob, Movie Scorponok
What I tend to do in the fandom is: Write a little fic, make happy noises at my friends, encourage people to write shameless & guiltless awesomeness
One random thing about me: When I touch metal, I can taste it. With my hands.
If I were a gif I'd be:
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