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So [personal profile] spacehussy and I are kinda doing one of those 100 prompt tables, and it's very fun! We decided to assign each other characters and it's working out wonderfully. No strict rules, we can do basically whatever. Very low-pressure. Don't expect me to actually do all 100. XD Anyway, I'll post 5 at a time so there's actually some substance without spamming.

If you are sick of hearing about Transformers, please note that I am always in friending-amnesty. Feel free to drop me like a sack of potatoes, I will take no offense!

21. Repulsive (The Fallen, Bay-verse)

Some days, Starscream wishes for Megatron.

The Fallen turns his tanks. There is something horrible and organic in his new master's voice. It is a parasite, drawing away the energy that should go into building new warriors rather than appeasing the ancient creature. Starscream dares not say as much, dares not even think it near that flat, dead stare, but it is true. This master may be vast and powerful, but its benevolence comes at too steep a price.

He kneels before the Fallen because he must, and it rests a huge hand on his helm because it is cruel. Starscream shudders beneath its touch and it laughs wet and thick like something lives in its throat. The Fallen does not beat him, does not reprimand him. It turns him to its will through threats left implied: disgust and misery and the promise of worse.

Starscream can imagine worse. He can imagine that voice coming from his own body. It is not vanity that makes him purge at the very thought of it.


22. Ancient (Shockwave, TFA)

He does not require much maintenance. His parts need no replacement - he does not decay as other bots do. His protoflesh is still supple in his joints. He watches younger bots become crippled by age and disrepair and feels nothing but scorn. He is older than any other living bot save for Metroplex itself - but that titan hardly counts, comatose for eons on end. Shockwave has lived through it all; he has participated in the greatest moments of history. He was the first to bow his head before the young Lord Megatron. He has survived the Great War. He will survive for eons more, and the lesser creatures will fall.

They don't make bots like they used to.


36. Dominant (Starscream and Skyfire, pre-G1 slash)

Starscream bit Skyfire's finger.

"Ow," Skyfire complained, knowing better than to yank - Starscream would just bite harder. "What's this for?"

Starscream had to let go to speak, which was probably the point. Thumping his head back against the berth, he said, "You're terrible at this." There was a long, hurt silence, and Starscream groaned and threw an arm across his optics. "No, I'm not giving in to that look - it's true and you know it. How can you be twice my size and yet completely incapable of holding me down? You're awful at being a top. I tell you to hold me down and interface me into the floor and you're all gentle caresses. It's just sad."

Skyfire sat back - Starscream could feel his knees still pressed close, but it seemed what little mood there was had been broken. Ah well. Once Skyfire slunk off Starscream would -

Skyfire hauled him up, flipped him over, and shoved him face-down onto the berth in a single smooth move. Starscream was frozen as if hit with a null ray, making it painfully easy for Skyfire to gather pale blue hands and pin them over his head in one giant palm.

"You are just going to have to accept," Skyfire purred behind his helm, "that when you put me in charge, I am going to do what I want with you. And what I want..." His weight shifted, falling mostly on Starscream's hands; he bit back a whimper at the exquisite crushing pressure. "What I want, my dear Starscream, is to kiss every nanometer of your plating." Skyfire's mouth pressed against a shoulder-vent. "To touch every seam and joint of your body." A whisper-light brush along the high curve of his hip-joint. "To worship you, my dear Starscream. And you are just going to have to lie there and take it."

"I..." Starscream's voice crackled embarrassingly. He rebooted his vocalizer. "I think that can be arranged."

"Good." Skyfire's smile pressed against the back of Starscream's helm. "By the time I'm done, Starscream, you won't be able to say an ill word about gentle caresses."


45. Asleep (Thundercracker and Skywarp, pre-G1 slash)

Thundercracker likes to watch Skywarp recharge. It's entertaining - Skywarp twitches and mumbles incoherently sometimes. But mostly he just... recharges. Quietly. It's hard to justify watching that sort of thing, really.

And yet Thundercracker, orn after orn, will lie there beside his mate and watch. The weight of his gaze never makes Skywarp stir. Sometimes he touches Skywarp, light as the breeze that fills their too-empty aerie, but Skywarp only hums contentedly and wriggles closer. Even in recharge, Skywarp shows nothing but trust and love for Thundercracker. He doesn't know what he did to deserve this. He has no idea how he found the kind of luck that led him to Skywarp. He can't shake the feeling that one day his luck will break and Skywarp will leave. But for now Thundercracker lies beside Skywarp and watches him dream.


39. Lost (Sunstreaker and Bluestreak, Bay-verse)
Author's Note: I want to talk about this a moment, as it's the longest response and the one least able to stand alone. This is a scene that will never appear in a story I've been working on for almost a year. Prior to this scene there was torture for the heck of it, with the end result being severe wounds, amputations, blindness and deafness including via sensors, and other delightful things. The torture itself is not discussed, but you do need to know it happened. Now there is much fleeing through space without having treated the aforementioned issues. Also this scene involves this sexy form. Mmm. Carry on!

Space tumbles around him.

Sunstreaker has no visual sensors. His plating is nearly numb, dulled from pain.

He hurts.

His sense of the universe, tiny gyroscopic balance, turns queasily. He is lopsided.

Something moves against his side. It grates against the places where parts of him used to be. It hurts him. He keens and cannot hear himself.

Space turns. He stretches out the empty aching hole where his sensors used to be. The void rushes to fill it. It burns.

He can feel himself, his spark, the pulse and groan of his systems. There is an echo. He shifts, stretches the outer shell of his form. There is another body clinging to his belly, the arc of its shape filling in the pieces he is missing. It makes him whole. He stretches out around it, metal wings keeping it close. It wriggles closer, stretching tiny latches deeper into him. He lets out a pulse of energy, warm and comforting, and feels the universe shift.

They twirl through space, or space around them. Something diaphanous drifts around them, through them. It shivers through Sunstreaker's joints, whispers between cables and pumps and struts. Deep inside, it wisps against chemoreceptors. Helium. He clutches his companion closer and fires his thrusters. Radiation burns in his wounds, a million stinging needles. After a long, horrible moment, his partner's thrusters stutter on. He can feel the vibrations along his backstrut.

They break free of the gravity well. He cuts his thrust, and a moment later the other set cuts out. He thinks they'll slingshot now, draws strings of equations out into looping orbits. It's nonsense. He can't feel his systems anymore. The rumbling thrusters made him numb.

Sunstreaker focuses until he can feel his own spark-pulse again, until the rushing of energon in his tubes is practically audible. He feels for his companion, for that precious shiver of not alone.

There are systems connected to his. Energon lines connected to energon lines, mutualistic parasite - but his tanks are empty, there is nothing to take. His tanks have been empty for as long as he can remember. It has been suckling the void.

Slowly, slowly, he realizes that he is receiving data. A bare trickle; a weary, pained silence identical to his own. He reaches out to soothe, offering all the cracked-open hurt and dizzying misery that he is right now, touches himself to this other half just as ready to wrap it with mental comfort as he did with his plating -

It isn't Sideswipe.

He cringes back. Bluestreak nudges concern and worry at him, but lets him hide. The places where they are connected shift, hot and terrible and suddenly so unwanted.

He hurts. He feels painfully alone, wanting the companion he can't have.

Space tumbles around them.

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Date: 2010-06-11 03:51 am (UTC)
From: [personal profile] spacehussy
There is something horrible and organic

I'm starting here, because I fucking love that line. It's a concept I love throughout canon and fanon alike, that organic things are gross, and it works so well here. That the best way to describe how gross the Fallen is, would be to describe it as organic. Yessssss.

They don't make bots like they used to.

WAY TO USE ONE OF MY FAVORITE LINES EVER RE: SHOCKWAVE AND MAKE IT EVEN HOTTER, L. *fans self* They really don't. Also I want to make an inappropriate joke about Blurr liking older gentlemen. Except by 'inappropriate' I mean 'downright filthy'. I can save it for the prompts anyway~

I-- I really just want to copy the whole paragraph where Skyfire flips Starscream over and leans on him and says he will do what he wants and Starscream will just have to take it and Starscream is clearly okay with this turn of evens-- I want to copy it, but clearly you know which one I'm talking about. Because, um, yes. A million times yes.

Sometimes he touches Skywarp, light as the breeze that fills their too-empty aerie

T^T *loves them so fucking much* Seriously, Skywarp and Thundercracker pre-Starscream read so bittersweet, because clearly they love each other, and yet they are painfully incomplete.

And, lastly, Sunstreaker. FUUUUUUUCK. *heartbreak* Oh god I hurt for him so much in this. I really feel his confusion and pain and it all jumbles up and ahhhhhhhhh.

Every time I get here: It isn't Sideswipe, my heart breaks all over again.

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Date: 2010-09-25 09:33 pm (UTC)
katharos: (Default)
From: [personal profile] katharos
Skyfire/Starscream makes my toes curl! Starscream letting his mouth run off as usual and - at least these consequences are enjoyable? Skyfire. Guh.

And the Sunstreaker and Bluestreaker one gives me chills. The description is so detailed its claustrophobic, and the slow revelation that all isn't as Sunstreaker thinks is wonderful.


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