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I have declared WIP amnesty week for myself. My plan is to post a story a day - or at least, what I have of the story - until Friday. Yes, I have that many WIPs I'll never finish. I'm happy to talk about the stories in comments if you'd like! I've just moved on to bigger, better things.

WIP: Transformers, Skywarp/Optimus, explicit robot sex (sticky)

This was meant to be a gift to Pell, but it turns out I was doing it wrong. Dang. I was struggling with it anyway, but now... I can't bring myself to touch it, even to fix it. Ah well.


If anything, Optimus would have thought that getting permission would take the fun out of it for Skywarp, but instead it was as if it had simply dismissed his inhibitions. Particularly on his vocalizer.

"You're so unfairly hot," Skywarp mumbled against Optimus' chest, interspersing the words with little licks to his windshield. Optimus couldn't help gasping with every urgent touch. "I can't believe it took you this long to realize that, just maybe, we can have fun without it being the end of the world. You're so serious..."

Those little touches were maddening. Optimus caught Skywarp's face between his hands, pulling him into a kiss - Skywarp nipped him but rumbled his pleasure, stroking light and teasing up Optimus' throat just to make him shiver. The sharp urgency of their earlier encounters was muted into something warmer, slow caresses and surprisingly gentle kisses. Optimus groaned, clutching at Skywarp's hips.

"I don't think 'serious' is the right word," he said. "Focused, perhaps."

"And what are you focused on, then?" Skywarp teased. His fishing couldn't have been any more transparent.

Optimus laughed, and the vibrations of it shivered between them. "You know the answer to that, Skywarp."

"Mmm." Skywarp wriggled in his lap, rubbing their bodies together. Optimus groaned, wrapping an arm around his hips in silent encouragement. "You're trying to avoid answering. I suggest you tell me what I want to hear, Prime."

Skywarp's threatening tone was totally undermined by the long, seductive kiss he gave before Optimus could even speak. Then he seemed to get completely distracted by Optimus' mouth, murmuring little endearments between kisses, until finally Optimus simply tumbled them over and pinned Skywarp on his back.

"I am focused on you, Skywarp," he said with a purposeful rumble. And then, a little wickedly, he added, "Particularly on your mouth, at the moment."

Skywarp laughed, arching and rubbing up against Optimus. "Just my mouth?" he purred, and Optimus' cooling vents roared. "Oh, I think not. I think you want all of me."

"Yes," Optimus said simply. There was a soft click - Skywarp's array unsealing. Optimus hid his smile against Skywarp's bared throat and let his own array open. "I want you, Skywarp," he murmured. "I want to give you pleasure."

"How convenient," Skywarp said. "I want to take my pleasure from you." He planted his feet flat on the floor, leverage to push their bared arrays together, and drew a low groan from Optimus. "That was a hint," Skywarp added, all grinning delight from leaving Optimus speechless.

But still Optimus hesitated. Skywarp seemed so small under him for a moment, his widespread wings so delicate.

"Come on, what are you waiting for? Just stick it in," Skywarp whined. Optimus burst out laughing - he couldn't help it, not with Skywarp pouting like that - but then Skywarp's expression turned sly. In a breathless purr he said, "Optimus. In me. Now."

"You're incorrigible," Optimus murmured, but there was something about Skywarp saying such filthy things without a touch of shame. He couldn't deny the hot rush of arousal through his circuits. He didn't want to deny it. He kissed Skywarp gently, softly, and followed Skywarp's orders.

"Oh," Skywarp gasped into Optimus' mouth, "oh, yes..." His legs curled around Optimus' hips, clutching him closer until there was no space left between them. Optimus groaned. It didn't seem possible for anything to feel this good.

Skywarp's hands pressed against his abdomen, fingers curling around his sides. Optimus hesitated, slowing: did Skywarp want him to...

"No, no, don't stop," Skywarp laughed, rocking his hips up with a little shiver. "I want to feel you. So strong. I want to feel you push into me. Your whole body flexes, and it feels so good, I don't want you to ever stop."

Optimus ducked his head, a little embarrassed at the shameless praise. Slowly, he rolled his hips, pushing into Skywarp - but Skywarp pushed back, and he could see the teasing curve of Skywarp's mouth now, begging to be kissed, and so he did as he inexorably pressed in again. The slow, smooth motion didn't even hitch, as if Skywarp's playful efforts to keep him away were nothing more than a passing breeze. Their mouths parted with a moan, Skywarp's back arching as they came together.

"Oh," Skywarp gasped, "again, do that again." Optimus obliged. Skywarp's hands wandered over him, exulting in the flex of his backstruts, the strong brace of his arms, the powerful spread of his shoulders - every part of him that could be touched was caressed and gripped in ecstasy. Skywarp even stroked thrusters along the backs of Optimus' legs, moving sinuously against him with little noises of pleasure. Optimus kissed down his throat, nipped at the edges of his shoulder-vents, fingers curling braced beside Skywarp's head.

"Mm, you know what I want?" Skywarp murmured, tilting his head back. "I want you under me. I want you all spread out for me to do whatever I want. So gorgeous..."

"Push up a little," Optimus murmured, pausing in his thrusts to wiggle a hand under Skywarp's obliging hips. It took a few moments of careful shimmying and bracing, working up onto his knees with Skywarp's hips still pressed against his (and oh, Optimus was tempted to stay just like that, to drive down into Skywarp mercilessly) but in a swift movement he rolled onto his back, bringing Skywarp along cradled against his chest. Skywarp laughed delightedly, nuzzling at Optimus for a moment before pushing himself upright, sinking his hips down with a little wriggle as if to be certain he had all of Optimus that could be inside him.

"Just give me a moment," Skywarp murmured dreamily, but Optimus didn't mind in the least. Skywarp was beautiful like this, reveling in the pleasure that he took from Optimus. He rested a palm against Skywarp's abdominal plating both to support him and to simply feel him as he made small movements, tiny motions to better feel every bit of Optimus inside him. Skywarp's optics were focused somewhere else, all his attention on the sensations of his body. "You feel so good," he sighed. "Oh, Optimus, so good. Do you feel it?"

"Yes," Optimus said softly, and he carefully braced his feet and pushed up into Skywarp. He earned a little hiccup of sound, a half-swallowed cry of pleasure. Skywarp leaned into his bracing hand, legs flexing against Optimus' sides as he rode the slow roll of motion. With each rise he made a tiny noise until he clapped a hand over his own mouth - Optimus reached up to pull it away, wanting more of those sounds, but Skywarp fell silent, open-mouthed behind the tight grip of his hand. His whole body tensed, stilling, and all in a rush the shivering crackle of his overload bolted through Optimus.

"Oh," Optimus gasped, "Oh Skywarp." Dark hands pressed against his windshields, holding Skywarp up as he trembled out the last of his charge.

"Did you?" Skywarp mumbled, slow with satiation. He hardly needed to see Optimus shake his head, though: the desperate touches to his face, his throat, his mouth said all he needed to know. His smile was sleepy but beautiful, his voice soft as he murmured, "Where do you want me, hm?"

"Right where you are," Optimus said. Skywarp's overload had given him urgency, but he forced himself to slow and stroke down Skywarp's sides before gripping his waist with both hands. The Seeker was solid between his palms, broad-hipped and there. "Tell me if it's too much."

Skywarp laughed. "You're too gentle. I can take it."

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Date: 2010-08-16 05:25 pm (UTC)
sharpest_asp: MovieVerse Optimus, his battle scene (Transformers: Optimus Prime)
From: [personal profile] sharpest_asp
That's a different pairing than I think I have ever seen... but Skywarp being all...giddy? like that is refreshing.

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Date: 2012-01-02 02:37 am (UTC)
lyricality: (G1: cj/m angrycuddles)
From: [personal profile] lyricality
Oh, GUH. ♥

I just adore this. Skywarp's open appreciation of Optimus's strength is just wrenching, and their joy in each other is perfectly marvelous. I would need to copy/paste the whole thing if I started listing favorite sentences etc., but this is my absolute favorite part:

Skywarp was beautiful like this, reveling in the pleasure that he took from Optimus. He rested a palm against Skywarp's abdominal plating both to support him and to simply feel him as he made small movements, tiny motions to better feel every bit of Optimus inside him. Skywarp's optics were focused somewhere else, all his attention on the sensations of his body. "You feel so good," he sighed. "Oh, Optimus, so good. Do you feel it?"

I'm so glad you posted this for the Snowflake Challenge meme, I can't even say. How much would I have to beg for more of it augh?

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Date: 2012-01-02 02:55 am (UTC)
lyricality: (fox: mewf)
From: [personal profile] lyricality
.......pardon me, I'm going to run around flailing in excitement now.



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