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HAPPY BIRTHDAY, [livejournal.com profile] spacehussy MY TWIN ♥

As for my own birthday, I have many wonderful friends who gifted me with wonderful things.

Katarik wrote me not one, not two, but THREE beautiful ficlets that hit my buttons in a very good way~ ♥ On one page we have delicious foodkink set during Fire In The Sky, and on another page we have Cyclonus' lovely devotion to Galvatron, as well as FOOT WORSHIP HELL YES. Which is, of course, done in exactly the way I love best. Oh and also it's the twins THAT SURE DOESN'T AFFECT MY ENJOYMENT NOSIREE. (hint: it makes it even better)

I already linked these but they're worth linking again - Spacehussy drew me a lovely Prowl/twins-as-sexy-furniture picture, and Primusatemyleg made me the most romantic Optimus/tentacles picture I shall ever see in my entire life.

I feel it is worth noting that my friends are the best friends. I got foodkink, loyaltykink, foot worship, tentacles, D/s (YES IT'S IN THERE, TRUST ME), and Lambos as furniture - and ALL OF IT is loving and consensual and gorgeous and without any shaming whatsoever. You people are the BEST. I love you all so much.

And Eels gave me a cute little otter for my profile, and so many people wished me happy birthday that my head might explode! YOU ARE ALL WONDERFUL AND I LOVE YOU.

Spacehussy also sent me actual physical presents which are AMAZING. Observe:

Oh hell, not you two. I'm calling for reinforcements.


Prowl, come on. Even Sideswipe can stand up straight without getting overbalanced by his doors. HIS FEET ARE STEADIER THAN YOURS. THEY'RE WHEELS. AUGH. I do love Prowl, but it'll take a lot of getting used to him. I don't think I'll ever transform him again. That's what the stunt-double car is for.

Spacehussy also sent me Blurr. :D


OKAY STORY TIME LET'S GO please ignore the cat, I put up with her in the pictures because at least it meant she wasn't trying to eat Blurr anymore

Blurr, I am your father!

Yeah well I'm going to punch you in the throat and kick you in the groin and slice and dice and julienne you and -

- and uh fry you and...

...and uh...


'Sup dude.

Don't worry Blurr, they'll take good care of you.

Reeeeaaal good care of you.



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