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whoops I found a fic in my WIP folder which is not a WIP. herp derp here you go

Series: Transformers
Rating: PG
Words: 336


Skyfire dreams of Starscream. That is a given, a simple fact easily anticipated. Starscream knows it as truth even though he has never asked. What he did not anticipate was that he would dream of Skyfire.

Cybertron is whole in his dreams. He flies through the spires of Vos as though the atmosphere were as thick as Earth's own. Somewhere down in the deep pits of the planet Megatron shrieks in impotent rage and pain, and it is the song Starscream dances to.

When Skyfire joins him it is not momentous. It is as though he has always been there. The music changes, becomes a little brighter, a little more like the starsong of radiation in deep space. They twist and turn together and Starscream leads them up and up and up.

It is warm in space. The stars glitter, never closer, and where Skyfire brushes against him now and again there is a shiver of glacial cold and staticky desire. Starscream flits about him, teasing, drawing him towards wherever Starscream pleases. Skyfire laughs and it rumbles into Starscream's deepest places and stays there, warm and solid and real.

He wraps himself around Skyfire, clinging without embarrassment or fear of being pushed away. He knows Skyfire will keep him close just as intrinsically as he knows his fuel levels. They spin slowly through space, tilting on all axes and the stars dance and spin around them. Skyfire's eyes are bright and his smile is sweet when Starscream tastes it.

"Starscream," Skyfire says. "Wake up."

He does.

Skywarp stares at him from too close, a strange expression on his face. "You were dreaming," he says simply. Starscream can't tell if he thought it was a bad dream.

"Get off," Starscream growls. Skywarp slides away, closer to Thundercracker, and stays silent. He keeps watching Starscream though. It feels like judgment, like a scavenger watching a dying Autobot.

Starscream kicks him further away, rolls over, and tells himself he won't dream again. Not of that traitor.

He does anyway.

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