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Mar. 29th, 2006 06:13 am
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Not really a drabble or a fic, this really isn't long enough for me to come up with a title. With all the nummy fics about Vincent's alter forms going around, and all the interesting takes on the repercussions of his first transformation with the posse, I thought I'd toss in my two cents. So. Vincent and Cid, and things unsaid.

Cid's approach to most problems, Vincent had observed, was to swear at things. Particularly if the things being sworn at were actually responsible for the problem. It was surprising that this approach worked on most occassions; when it didn't, Cid's response was to hit things. It was, however, very unusual for Cid to deal with a problem by offering said problem tea, which is the only reason Vincent accepted the mug at all.

They crouched next to each other, neither quite relaxing enough to sit, until Vincent sighed and took a sip. The tea wasn't particularly disgusting, although the mug bore a faint patina of engine oil where Cid had gripped it. The nervous shifting of his fingers was spelled out in swirls and identifying prints. Vincent tried not to memorize them.

"So," Cid started. "That fight."

"Yes," Vincent agreed mildly. "I had hoped that was naught but a nightmare from my tomb."

"The fight?" Cid leaned back on his heels, sucking the last puffs of smoke from his cigarette.

"Myself," Vincent murmured.

"Ah." Cid stubbed out his cigarette in the dirt, pausing to pick up a pebble and toss it from hand to hand. Vincent took another sip of the tea, his knuckle sliding through the smears of Cid's first and second fingers. Right-handed. A cricket chirruped tentatively. They both pretended to be watching the sun set.

The sky behind them was tinged with deep blue before they spoke again. Cid stood with a wince, knees popping, and dusted himself off. He held out a hand to Vincent. Vincent's first response was to stare. Pointedly. He did notice the dark oil worked around the nails, into the creases of Cid's fingers in a highlight of every whorl. The nails were chipped, flat and short and business-like. The palm was open, calluses built for curling around a wrench or spear.

"Your tea's cold," Cid pointed out, his hand falling to his side. Vincent rose to his feet, pouring the chill water over the grass as Cid lit a fresh cigarette, and they began to walk back.

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Date: 2006-03-29 12:04 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] celes-grant.livejournal.com
I am in love with your Highwind.... I love the way he's described so very intimately with engineering through oil... and just a bit of weaponry...

He's not fangirled enough, and he was my first FF7 love ♥

fantabulous job X3

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Date: 2006-03-29 02:43 am (UTC)
ext_18650: (Default)
From: [identity profile] spacehussy.livejournal.com
Holy shit, dude o_o I'm in love with this. And I usually stay far, far away from FF7 fanfiction except for a few certain stories/writers. Very few. You're officially one of them.

Srsly. Cid and Vincent? So in character, omg.

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Date: 2006-03-31 01:26 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] forgottenlover.livejournal.com
::grins:: hello my dear

I like it immensely, and the way you put them together made me smile

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Date: 2006-04-02 04:41 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] empty-geas.livejournal.com
A lovely piece. I find myself once again, caught up in your wonderful use of detail. The dynamic is fascinating. Little said, but everything noticed. There seemed an almost ritualistic feel in the air. A formalized sparring dance that couldn't have a real winner because that was never its purpose, if it ever had one, but that would be carried out anyway for the cool comfort of familiarity it offered.


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